Monday, September 15, 2014

Company Magazine: September edition

September. The month of new starts, chapters, beginnings, whatever you like to say. For me it was the start of University studying Fashion in the beautiful city of Liverpool which will now be my home for the next 3 years. Whatever start you'll be making it's key to stay confident even though you'll probably be feeling anxious and edgy. With all those new people to meet you want to look your best and Company magazine this week has helped to keep you on top of the A/W start on your wardrobe to get heads turning.

It's the return of the winter coat. Coming again to attack our purses and run away with our money, but we let it anyway. From the A/W 2014 fashion week back in February we all know that the Burberry blanket coats were a unique look we'd be seeing our Autumn wardrobes. But Burberry didn't stop at the blanket coats, oh no, they brought us back the shearling coat which was beautifully modeled by Suki Waterhouse on the catwalk. One of the best ways to wear the shearling coat is by matching it with a scarf that is tied with a belt to give it a burst of character and original look. Whether you're for fur or against it, you'll be able to buy a suitable shearling coat for your liking. You'll not only look like you've just strutted off the Burberry catwalk but you'll also be very very toasty for the cool winter breeze coming to a city near you (theatrical voice).

As for footwear, the mule shoe is making an exciting appearance in the fashion sphere. It's a little like the cut out shoes which have been running ahead of the game for a good year, as most high street stores now stock this style. The mule shoe is acceptable for a night out or casual wear it's just up to you to dress it up or down.

If you're making a new start this month whether it's job wise, education wise or simply moving to a new town, good luck with it!

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