Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday make up haul

1- Rush of the brush.

You may have the best make up in the world, but are you helping it show it's full potential? Having patchy blotches or lines where your foundation lies, certainly isn't attractive, but it's also very unhealthy for your skin because you're basically giving your face too much to handle. Using your fingers to blend in can be a risk, especially if they're a little sweaty which makes up your make up even more uneven. To make live easier and time go quicker when applying make up use a foundation brush. I managed to find a two in one foundation and blusher brush in H&M for only £2.99, but if you're feeling more extravagant you can purchase the No7 brand at £11.99. There's something satisfying about buying a new make up brush with the smooth bristles, you'd be a bully to your face if you didn't buy one. 

2- Eye-eye captain

Mascara is one thing to enhance your lashes, but looking after your lashes before you apply it is just as important to get the best results. By crimping your eyelashes the mascara will glide easier onto your lashes and will give them much more volume. These can be picked up cheap at only £2.99 from H&M so why wouldn't you quickly pick up a pair on your way to the till? Yes, it's an old fashioned method and goes back to the 1930s, but if it didn't work wouldn't the method have changed by now? If it's alright for Nanna, it's alright for me.

3- Fight those fairies away

Some of the issues in using a bronzer or blusher is that it can sometimes look like you've just shaken fairy dust onto your cheeks as it can sometimes leave an unappealing shimmer. Many make up brands have solved this problem by providing matt powder blushers to give an even blend with your foundation and other blushers. Maybelline include most colours of skin tones, and by picking up the lightest that’s almost white in colour it can be used as a highlighter to help with contouring make up. At only £3.99 and at the size of your palm, the powder is sure to last some time. 

4- Kit up with the eye shadow 

With contouring make up hitting the big time to give our faces more shape and dimension, why leave out your eyes? It's not all about the cheeks you know. At only £3.99 in Boots this set was on special offer along with a smokey eye set that I'll probably end up going back for. All together there are 8 different shades and a highlighter to give your eyes the shine you need to get rid of all the tired bags underneath. Thanks to the different choices you're able to decide if you'd like a glitter or matt pallet to work with. Adding a dramatic mascara and eyeliner to your eye will bring out the colours further showing its full potential. If you, like me have no idea how to apply eye shadow properly, there’s a handy step-to-step guide on the back. Put your phone down, YouTube tutorials won't be needed this time.

5- Beautiful blush

B for blusher, "B cheeky" for the brand, use this blusher and you can “B” brilliant. Due to all the contouring and obsession with being browner in our skin tone we forget about the genius that is a pink blush. Treat it in the apple of your cheeks for the correct application. Only a small amount is needed to give you the healthy glow your cheeks should have, you don't want to be looking like Charlie the clown so keep it minimal. Even if you're a fan of the browner tones, adding a pink tone on top will give more depth to your make up, so stay traditional. Why wouldn't you at only £2.99?

6- Moves like (Georgia May) Jagger

Turn on the TV and the new advert all over the screen is the Rimmel London Wonder-Full mascara. With the beautiful Georgia May Jagger modeling the new mascara it's hard to think it's a bad product as she shows it at it's full beauty, almost fooling us all as it won't look anywhere near as good on us as it does on her *sigh*. I've never been one to obsess over mascara as most of the ones I use have come free with fashion magazines, but I thought I'd give this one a try. Rimmel have always been noticed for the constant releases of new mascara and never seem to disappoint. It's a pure winner for my eyes and instantly gives my lashes more volume and also stays on much longer. Even the colour of the case is gold; it knows it’s a winner.


  1. Must give that mascara a go! The palette looks good too x

  2. I love the colour of the blusher! Lovely post! :)