Monday, August 11, 2014

Company Magazine: August edition

We're unfortunately half way through summer and it feels as though it's barely just began. Luckily for some the month of August involves traveling abroad, relaxing and exploring the different countries you've never been to before, like a child in a sweet shop you awe at their beauty. The most popular place for young people to go to in summer is of course Ibiza and that's exactly what Company's August edition is all about. From the best places to club, dine and shop Company presents us with a handbook guide telling us exactly where to be, go and wear. Thank you for making our lives a little easier Company.

Ibiza is completely what you'd expect, hot, sunny and party central so predictably 80% of your suitcase will be crammed full of beachwear and accessories. You could take different styles of swimwear to transform your style everyday, or you could stick to one look you like the most. The best styles as far as I'm concerned are the simple and sophisticated ones that add more attention to your summer body. I don't want to sound like I'm Miss boring, so you can always jazz your outfit up with an over sized brimmed sun hat, shades and a beach bag to add more shape.

As for me, a holiday abroad isn't on the to do list this year after spending over £300 for a music festival. I'll tell you what I have got to look forward to though... results day. Urg, maybe I'll be looking backwards instead. This time next week I'll know whether I'll be studying Fashion at University or searching for jobs on the internet, wish me luck!

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