Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wednesday Winners

Take me on a spontaneous visit somewhere with shops and I'll make a shopping trip out of it. After discovering the whole of Zara's floor was dedicated to sale products how could I not go in? Somehow with Zara I feel a sense of sophistication as I wander over to different tailored pieces picking up too many items that I can't afford making the embarrassing walk on the way back from the changing rooms to put everything back more definite. In the end I decided on a simple classic missing from my wardrobe, a statement white shirt. Filled with detail around the V neck and shoulders, how could I leave this hanging on the rail? Especially for the price of £7.99. The shirt needed a good home and for that price I wasn't going to leave it "hanging".

"I might as well go in seeing as I've got £4 left on my voucher". Probably the worst excuse every girl makes, seeing as £4 these days wouldn't go very far at all, maybe enough for a pair of glasses (if you're lucky). H&M already has a good reputation in my eyes as every time I go in, 9 times out of 10 I'll find something. I ended up buying another shirt in monochrome tones and different angled stripes, keeping tailored like Zara's collection. At only £14.99 (actually £10.97 with the remains on my voucher, maybe not such a bad excuse after all?) I classed this as a steal from H&M, thanks very much!

Debenhams may be profound for the older people but don't judge before you've had a good look around, trust me. It's actually one of my most reliable and favourite shops because of the good quality and surprising low prices. Seeing the shoes all lined up in a section made it almost resemble a starting line so I took a "quick" look that ended up turning into half an hour, if that was an actual race around Debenhams that had a shoe starting line I would have lost miserably. I don't want to burst you bubble winners, but my medal was a pair of Henry Holland sandals in the sale for only £8.85, what was your medal? Oh yeah a bulky bit of metal, how mainstream.

I think it's a proven fact that EVERY SINGLE TIME Mum's go out with their daughters, there's never a time we don't go back home without calling at the rescue centre AKA Tesco. A whole hour later with the typical trolly full of food and the occasionally Paolo Nutni CD it was finally time to go home.

What do I do when I get home when I've been satisfied with a reasonable shopping trip? Scroll through Zara and Topshop's website looking a more clothes, naturally.

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