Monday, July 21, 2014

T in the park experience

Heavy downpours of rain constantly all day? Check. Boiling sunshine resulting in sunburn? Check. The only thing that's missing off the weather that weekend was the chance of light snowfall. Yep, T in the park was definitely eventful weather wise, and even though I only just lost my festival virginity this weekend I definitely know that I'm fully prepared for next year seeing as all weather conditions hit us in just 3 days. Saying all this, I don't think I'd change anything about it. Come rain or shine we'd still be the best audience ever.

"Mum can I go to T in the park?" was a question that I wasn't expecting an enthusiastic yes to. I thought of the "being sensible and safe" lecture, but my Mum only boasted to family and friends that I was going. Why is my Mum so unpredictable? I get more lectures for leaving a dirty spoon in the kitchen sink rather than travelling to the other side of the country for the weekend. By the blink of an eye July the 11th approached and I was off.

Day one

Friday was mostly spent on the train, which proved a whole experience in itself. Being unable to find my seat for half an hour, whilst being attacked by a wasp, whilst having a very heavy backpack to carry, (drag) it proved more stressful than I hoped. But after an eventful 3 hours later we had arrived at T in the Park and to be honest we felt a little satisfaction being able to travel all the way to Scotland, officially adults in our eyes. Friday proved to be the day of experimenting what the festival was like. Seeing as no one inparticular on the Friday line up gaged our full interest we just watched whoever was on the main stage. This included Biffy Clyro, Ed Sheeran, Imagine Dragons and Ellie Goulding.

Day two

Saturday was one of the worst and best days (if that's possible). Having watched Pharrel Williams, Paolo Nutini and Calvin Harris in the pouring rain, by the time we arrived at the tent everything was soaking wet. After a whole hour attempting to mop the tent up with loo roll and dodging around the muddy wellies at one end of the tent we were fully exhausted, and by the sounds of it so was everyone else as the campsite remained pretty silent the whole night. This day I also lost a very special friend, my hair scrunchie. It survived the whole day until I underestimated the Calvin Harris rave which left my scrunchie drowned somewhere under the rain and mud. RIP.

Day three

Sunday was the day I'd been waiting for and it proved the best day out of the three. More of my music taste we're playing and the sun was shining to the point where I had to walk back to the tent for some more sun cream and Aloe Vera to prevent some kind of embarrassing sunstroke attack in the middle of Arctic Monkeys later on. I'd already seen Arctic Monkeys at Manchester but seeing them again made me remember how epic they are live (and how fit Alex Turner is). Along with Jake Bugg, Catfish and the bottlemen, Sam Smith and Kodaline, Sunday was the day making a mark in my mind. 

Monday morning had arrived too soon. The worst feeling in the world was packing up our things and slowly walking away from our home for the weekend. I never thought I'd miss that little patch of grass surrounded by the smell of beer and piss. Till next year T in the park (make it a good one)!

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