Thursday, July 24, 2014

Lily and Arthur's

 A sunny afternoon out to a Cafe is all I needed to help me through the tiring and surprising heat of today. Obviously being English I was set on a cup of tea with a huge, wait MASSIVE, slice of cake. Yet the complete opposite happened, I ended up with a refreshing fizzy raspberry drink along with a nutty slice of flapjack, arguably a bit healthier and maybe a bit better (but i do like my cake, hint hint). With the impressive shabby chic interior on the walls to the small details of the glasses and plates, Lily and Arthur's proved a very peaceful place to be. Going again would definitely be a must seeing as their Instagram @lilyandarthurs is filled with MASSIVE slices of cake (right up my street) which hopefully will be available when I next go. Victoria sponge or chocolate cake? Tough call but I'm willing to pay the price money wise and calories wise.

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