Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Slide away

We've had the annoying flip flops for sometime now, and no matter how much we say we love them we secretly know they rub our little toes like hell. Well, it's time to give your blistered toes a rest because that secret suffering is now over. 

Say hello to the slider shoe. Yes, you've probably seen them before as they've been around for some time, but only now have they come to the fashion spotlight. They're just like a flip flop but minus the blisters and red toes, in fact they're super comfortable which you wouldn't expect from a really low shoe.

Whilst the slider is effortless and takes only 1 second of your life to put on (compared to the gladiator sandal where you'll flap around for a good 5 minutes adjusting and re-adjusting the straps). 

The Birckenstock brand is one of the most iconic for the slider style shoe which has mostly only been a signature look for the holiday season. Now with inspiration from the S/S catwalks it's become our casual day wear for the summer. The popular style is to wear two buckle straps in either a leather material or a plastic kind. These are also available in black and white so fit into the summer monochrome trend perfectly.

It's time to flip those filp flops in the charity bag and slide into the sliders. I've already bagged a pair and I love them. The only thing is the fake tan will probably need to come out from the back of the shelf to make my feet resemble less of a ghost.


  1. I still don't know how how I feel about the whole Birkenstock trend haha I feel a little left out but I think on most chicks they look like a pair of granny flip flops :s
    I guess I'll give them a try and see if I change my mind :')

  2. bought a different kind of birkenstocks and i really really love them! xx