Friday, June 13, 2014

Company Magazine: June edition

June. The month of my birthday and the month of summer. It's clear that from the word go (or June) Company would be offering us holiday bikinis and swimming costumes. They even managed to put in a 'tan tricks' page so your skin doesn't need to resemble a ghost this summer.

The young Hollywood edit opened our eyes to the younger talents of today as Elle Fanning, from the film Maleficent, made cover girl. At only the age of 16 she's been in blockbuster films and is still able to go to school. This is highly embarrassing for me as at the age of 18 the only blockbuster I've been in is the family videos of Disneyland when I was 5.

Company highlighted the 70s trends that are making their way back this summer for a hippie style. The cut out bikinis and extremely busy patterns breed 70s, not to mention the wide brim hats and round styled glasses. To make things more affordable these styles are available from high street, designer and even supermarkets, so whenever your mum takes her weekly trip to Tesco make sure you go with her. Okay, you may spend 2 hours lurking around food isles but at least you get a bikini by the end of it.

Even if your not going on a sunny holiday abroad, the hats and glasses are still a must at festivals. I'll definitely be taking my pair! I just hope I get to use them and the rain stays away. Way way away.

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