Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Company Magazine: July edition

Knowing it's the time of year that festivals are happening all over the country, it was obvious that Company would offer us a special edit dedicated to the fashion for the fields. With outfits for every festival including rock, pop and urban genres, Company gave us plenty options and inspiration for outfits this summer. The 20% of at Urban Outfitters was generally a gift from Company as the amount of people going to festivals this year is once again high. Seeing as Glastonbury is starting at the weekend why not quickly splash out of a quirky hat or pair of wellies from Urban outfitters with the 20% off? Ok, you may not look the part in them any other time of the year, but just for those 3 days you'll fit right in.

The main thing, and on occasions the only thing people worry about at festivals is the weather. Yes, seeing as we're British it's not hard to constantly suffer anxiety from the weather, even though your weather app will clearly state that it will be sunny all weekend through. We can't help it. As a nation we've seen and been to festivals that have practically flooded with water that on occasions it's risen to over the wellies (worst thing ever- welly boot full of freezing, dirty water). What do we do then? We simply trudge through the quicksand like bog and carry on enjoying ourselves no matter what. We've come here for one thing, to listen and see the music, nothing will stop us. Give us rain, sun, wind or even snow, us British will cope through it.

Seeing as the weather is pretty unpredictable, it's important to pack for both rain or shine. Both outfits can include the same clothing but just layered up in different ways to suite the weather. The signature look of shots and wellies is a must in the rain along with a light waterproof coat if your sensible enough. Even though you're wearing a waterproof in summer why be so dull about it? Topshop has a range of different floral patterned waterproofs perfect for the festivals. On the other hand, miracle hand, thank you God hand, there is the sun outfit. Simply wear a bralet or small top along with a light kimono over the top and a sigh of reef and you'll be ready for the sunshine. Wellies would still be acceptable to wear but think of wearing an old pair of converse so your feet can feel at home instead of living in a trench foot condition.

It's practically under 3 weeks till T in the park and I have nothing prepared for apart from the tent. One thing is for sure, seeing as it's in Scotland I'll definitely  be taking the wellies even if it's predicted heat wave conditions. It's Scotland at the end of the day,  I'm not taking a chance.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Shopping Olympics

Don't come shopping with me. It's not because you're not invited, it's a warning. It's known that every time I go out for a specific day to shop in Manchester or Trafford it turns into what should be called the Shopping Olympics. If you know what I mean you'll be aware of how annoying you become as you start to stress your friends out, as well as yourself. If you're one of the people who has no idea what I'm going on about then I'm sorry because it's you who has to deal with the people like me. I'll take you around to every shop, then decide the thing I wanted was in the first one we entered, that happens honestly 99.9% of the time.

When people say students have no money, take them seriously because honestly students have no money. We could be the poverty of the UK at the pace we're going at. Most times I only have about £20 to my name and that's not exactly going to buy me (if i'm lucky) one thing, in fact most of that will probably go towards food or train fares anyway, I'm such a greedy pig, I do this to myself.  It's not so bad all the time, think when it's Christmas or your Birthday and your suddenly loaded with cash you don't even know what to do with it. First thing I'll probably buy is food (I told you I do this to myself) then go on a shopping trip where I can't even find anything I want, therefore leading me to vent my anger on another McDonalds. Why is it when you go shopping with no money there's so many things you want to buy, but when you finally have some there is shit all? It's the way the cruel shopping Gods work, laughing at our puppy eyed faces when we see a pair of Topshop shoes we want, but with only a penny in our purse it's simply not possible. Some could say it's a form of torture.

There is the time when out of nowhere the clothes are forever in your favour as you can leave the trip with bags up to your elbows, at which point the weightlifting stage of the Shopping Olympics takes place. When you've got a few boxes of shoes and some heavy jewellery in those bags this could be worthy of a gold medal (whilst sneakily eating medium fries from the middle podium)

Sometimes, you get those occasions when you can't decide what to buy at all. You'll probably see something in the first shop you step into and end up 3 hours later going back to it. This part of the Shopping Olympics refers to the track events, obviously the 1500m seeing as thats probably the distance you will walk (or run depending on how desperate you are). By the time it's all over I go back to spending my last remaining pennies on some kind of food, obviously, why wouldn't I? That would be so out of character. As for my friends, they're probably sat on a bench somewhere waiting for me to finish, otherwise they're behind me almost of the floor from exhaustion. I put my friends through some shit, sorry guys.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Company Magazine: June edition

June. The month of my birthday and the month of summer. It's clear that from the word go (or June) Company would be offering us holiday bikinis and swimming costumes. They even managed to put in a 'tan tricks' page so your skin doesn't need to resemble a ghost this summer.

The young Hollywood edit opened our eyes to the younger talents of today as Elle Fanning, from the film Maleficent, made cover girl. At only the age of 16 she's been in blockbuster films and is still able to go to school. This is highly embarrassing for me as at the age of 18 the only blockbuster I've been in is the family videos of Disneyland when I was 5.

Company highlighted the 70s trends that are making their way back this summer for a hippie style. The cut out bikinis and extremely busy patterns breed 70s, not to mention the wide brim hats and round styled glasses. To make things more affordable these styles are available from high street, designer and even supermarkets, so whenever your mum takes her weekly trip to Tesco make sure you go with her. Okay, you may spend 2 hours lurking around food isles but at least you get a bikini by the end of it.

Even if your not going on a sunny holiday abroad, the hats and glasses are still a must at festivals. I'll definitely be taking my pair! I just hope I get to use them and the rain stays away. Way way away.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Slide away

We've had the annoying flip flops for sometime now, and no matter how much we say we love them we secretly know they rub our little toes like hell. Well, it's time to give your blistered toes a rest because that secret suffering is now over. 

Say hello to the slider shoe. Yes, you've probably seen them before as they've been around for some time, but only now have they come to the fashion spotlight. They're just like a flip flop but minus the blisters and red toes, in fact they're super comfortable which you wouldn't expect from a really low shoe.

Whilst the slider is effortless and takes only 1 second of your life to put on (compared to the gladiator sandal where you'll flap around for a good 5 minutes adjusting and re-adjusting the straps). 

The Birckenstock brand is one of the most iconic for the slider style shoe which has mostly only been a signature look for the holiday season. Now with inspiration from the S/S catwalks it's become our casual day wear for the summer. The popular style is to wear two buckle straps in either a leather material or a plastic kind. These are also available in black and white so fit into the summer monochrome trend perfectly.

It's time to flip those filp flops in the charity bag and slide into the sliders. I've already bagged a pair and I love them. The only thing is the fake tan will probably need to come out from the back of the shelf to make my feet resemble less of a ghost.