Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Company magazine: May edition

You know you're in for a good read when you see 'shoe special' on the cover. Yes, from truckers to sliders (rare species of shoe) Company magazine gave us many a pair to chose from. As well as preparing us more for our summer wardrobe Company raised our eyebrows on the new skirt/ 3/4 pants: The Culottes. Even though they look and sound like a risky piece of clothing, Angela Scanlon styling them managed to pull them off making me think maybe they weren't too bad after all, but it's still a no from me.

At the moment fashion has gone back to it's traditional styles and focusing on staying tailored. I took this on board to chose a suitable denim styled outfit which Company presented as a key trend for summer. To keep tailored in denim the easy option is to wear a tight skinny jean and a blazer, right? Well seeing as the majority of denim this season it's going to be distressed and ripped, why not try this kind of style. Yes, we associate ripped jeans with a casual and laid back look or even along the painting and decorating hand me down route, but accompanied with the right outfit these jeans could actually work better. 

If you're one of the many who feels guilty when buying an expensive pair of jeans and having to skimp round until the next pay check, why not get DIY with an old pair of jeans. If you think your somehow incapable of slashing a pair of jeans, there are many a Youtube video to help you out. One of the best feelings is knowing that no one has a pair of jeans the same as yours, or someone asking 'where are they from?' and you reply back 'I made them'. Clever, talented and money saving, what more do you want.

Even though summer is fast approaching that means A level exams and the stress is becoming a little overboard. Literally, the only thing getting me through them is knowing by the 11th of July I'll be up in sunny (hopefully) Scotland for T in the Park! I'm just hoping it's going to be sandal weather rather than welly weather.