Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Company Magazine: April edition

Company magazine has taken us all over the world in previous editions, from Paris to Ibiza, Company have been there. But this April edition Company took us somewhere a little closer to home and showed us the urban chic lifestyle of East London. We explored the many businesses of East London that are rocketing through the Fashionsphere and into the mainstream labels. Labels from clothing, beauty and even food was making an appearance in Company, and speaking of food it was clearly a five star hit for Company as they've now got a monthly column written by Alice and Laura visiting the new restaurants so you don't have to, giving you the thumbs up or down on the food. Forget the exceptions of being super super skinny to work in fashion, fashionistas love food just as much as the next Man vs Food contestant.

There's been many a new trend in Company, from the vibrant and radiant to the downright ridiculous. On one hand there's the bubbly and exciting look of the Dalton girls with the quirky strawberry designs and contrasting check patterns. But, on the other hand Company took inspiration from the celebs making a scene in the press with the rubbish bags, somehow I don't think this will catch on apart from the morning after when you're removing the evidence of empty bottles and cans scattered all over the house.

From all the pastel and colourful trends for this April, Company gave us the fashion favourite of the
whole year "The two piece" as designers parade it up and down their S/S catwalks for 2014. Either keep it simple with one whole colour for the skirt and top then vamp it up with a splash of contrasting tones in jewellery and accessories. If you're feeling a bit more adventurous try a matching top and bottom with a pattern, it's exactly like the "matchy matchy" trend seen throughout the whole of winter, so some of you may already even have a two piece ready in your wardrobe. The great things about this outfit is that its acceptable for almost any occasion, whether its for a party, simple casual wear or even decorating clothes (rock that roller, even though I highly suggest you DON'T. Step away from the permanent paint please)!

Before I could put this months Company on my overflowing shelf of previous editions, I took a look at the cover girl, Zoella's, Youtube videos. If you're bored I seriously recommend checking out her channel, I ended up constantly clicking and before I knew it an hour had flow by and it was 2:030 am. Opps! To my delight, Company revealed the May edition would include a shoe takeover: truckers, jellies and gladiators whichever sandal you can think of, it'll probably be stomping all over the page.