Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Milan Fashion Week

Dolce and Gabbana

Out of no where Dolce and Gabbana decided they were taking us out for a trip to the woodland with a catwalk surrounded by trees. Nearly every piece was embroidered with woodland animals in super detail also giving a super shine. Your first question would probably be: why? We're not 12 years old? But if you look at the garments there is a large scale of sophistication to the piece through the floral designs supporting the animals, along with the contrasting colours and use of black. 
Through the more elaborate dresses such as the sheer fabric kind, the floral designs mostly only follow the line around the edge to enclave curves and not to overtake the base colour of the dress. Dolce and Gabbana are known for this type of pattern line work in their collections as the previous collection of S/S will tell you that. Dolce and Gabbana are a favourite designer of mine through their fancy florals and strong use of pretty patterns, but I don't think you'd catch me wearing a squirrel skirt.

Add a dash of pastel, a sprinkle of shine, a pair of knee high boots and what do you get? Gucci's A/W 2014 collection. We all know that pastel is definitely a hit for S/S as we saw on Burberry's catwalk, however it's taking over the whole year and moving into the A/W months. Gucci seemed to favour adding a pastel half with a shiny half to make up a tailored and slim styles look. As well as the stereotypically girly skirt being pastel Gucci encounters a traditional trench coat in numerous light pastel shades with contrasting black details to make the summer favourite baby blue trend last even longer (Gucci being our money saver since Milan 2014). The main points from the show was easily to stick with one colour for the whole outfit, sticking with a simple dress or by layering: such as a tailored suite with an oversized coat. Simple yet very very effective.


One thing Versace aimed for was to make a bold feminine impact, and which are the best colours to achieve this? Black and red. Clearly. Keeping one main colour for their A/W collection was crutial as model Georgia May Jagger paraded down with a sexy red number along with a contrasting white one. Versace are known for their imense detail of embellishments and their Instagram account where their sewers are photographed handstitching embellishments on top of the different garments of several collections. Anyway- being known for all this their A/W collection kept to this tradition especially through their sheer fabric pieces, making the dresses stay elegant even though they may be just a little bit short


You speak Prada? Rebecca Bloomwood asked in a confused tone as Luke seductivly answerd yes. It's an obvious note that Prada has made it's way into the fashion genre of film and books, and has made itself known as one of the biggest fashion brands out there. Their A/W collection at Milan Fashion Week was a block black colour take over with near enough every model top to toe in the dark tone, yet sometimes with bursts of a little colour contrast. If this reminds you of funerals then you probably should stay away from this look as you wouldn't be feeling at all happy, but if it reminds you of class and sophistication, I think you're in need of a Prada inspired wardrobe (as well as maintaining a happier mood). This style proves successful, sweep the outfit completely in black to save you wondering what matches what at the early hours of the morning. With the highlights of colour on certain lines of the garments like the necklines, the curves of the body are enchaced making quite a grungy look more feminine. You know what you've just accomplished reading this? You now speak Prada congratulations!

Georgio Armani

Similarly to Prada's collection, Georgio Armani's A/W collection at Milan Fashion Week gave us a fashion overtake of grey. Forget the typical I'm so miserable grey, say hello to the sharp, stylish and suave grey that's giving a clear win win in the tailored trend favourite for the whole of 2014. Although the low necklines can be a little risky if worn on a day to day basis, there's no need to underestimate it for when you go out, especially in a fitted tailored suit or a baggy shift dress. Different tones of grey were gifted for us to look at down the catwalk making it easier to see which hair colour or skin tone suited a particular shade more, some designs even layered or included a dip dye effect to incorporate different tones to give a unique look. Personally I love the gre, it's making women look immeamiatley more classy and let's face it intelligent. But I've gotta say it's a clear win for Prada and the all black. Prada 1, Georgio Armani 0. I guess there's always the S/S 2015 Fashion Week Armani.

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