Saturday, March 22, 2014

Paris fashion week

Fashions capital of the world now had the capital of the fashion business, Chanel. Paris Fashion Week housed the 2014 A/W collection for Channel with a pure favourite for the material tweed as it made an appearance on many of the outfits, including one modelled by Cara Delevigene. Another hit with Chanel's catwalk was holes in their outfits. Holes is their outfits you say? Completely dismisses the purpose of wearing clothes right? Wrong. The whole point in Chanel snipping away to the material is to give a distressed look to the clothing making it contrast with the tailored and smart style of the tweed. A work of a genius? I think so. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't go slashing away at my best tops anytime soon, even if it is the trend of the century, but why not invest in a cheap T-shirt and get creative. Having a two piece outfit is also a clear win for Chanel as most of their collection involves a set to make the matchy matchy trend stay in full force all year. I wouldn't go matchy matchy with snippy snippy though, there's only too many holes a girl can handle in her outfit.


Chloè is most known for their perfume and beauty products in my opinion, but little did I know how elegant their clothing lines could be? Chloè kept a light and bright look to their A/W 2014 collection along with a sensual baggy look to their outfits having flared sleeves and butterfly necklines. An already known trend this year is to either wear all white or all black, personally black is the easiest choice, but why not accept a challenge and go all white and take a leaf out of Chloè's catwalk, you'll definitely not be lost for inspiration. As well as white, their favourite other colour was camel brining a traditional 80s vibe as you instantly remember the oversized winter camel coat. If you want to go for this look, I'll give you one word of warning- do not, I repeat do not wear these outfits on a rainy day. You'll regret it, and I'm sure you'd like to save the hastle of the dry cleaners...


Celiné is a brand is always categorised with being quite taioles and smart matching the high street Zara look, however for the Paris 2014 A/W collection they've taken a step backward and pulled up a chair as they've embraced a relaxed and baggy style to their clothing. Shift dresses a a favourite for most fashion brands and Celinè seems to be one of them as they emerge one after another down the catwalk, but with a different touch to everyone one whether it be a different neckline or a simple colour swap. Even though Celinè embrace the oversized look, it doesn't mean to say all their collection is like this as numerous styles stated traditional to their already been collections such as tailored shirts and coat, as well as this summers favourite the shirt dress. C'est maufigue Celinè. 

Stella McCarteny

British designer at heart but Paris called her name for the A/W fashion week. Stella McCarteny for many years has been outstanding us with her specially tailored collections to suite her own original style, and this one didn't disappoint. Without one of the most famous musicians in the world to help her (former Beatle Paul McCarteny, it's in the name) as she wants to make her own way into the fashion business, she managed to pull off this collection as successful as her S/S one last year. Some of her pieces involved a new pattern she'd developed that has quite a thick line to it, as though it's a form or wire. These ran mostly through the skirts to brighten up look and enhance the bottom end of the outfit. A very unexpected component used in Miss McCartney's collection was fringing, a typical 1920's trend which she's now brought back into the present day bringing a bit of swing and charleston into our dresses, well Mr Gatsby would be pleased.


Any three words to sum up Valentino's collection? Sheer, nature and butterflies spring to mind seeing as a huge part of their A/W collection focused on the beautiful and elegant evening gowns. We all know seer fabric is a hit for the fashion trend book this year as mos of the fashion brands embrace a little sheer into their collections, but Valentino managed to do this the best. You see, Valentino went down the elegant route rather than the oversized and tailored route giving them a different look to everyone else. The colours aren't too clashing or bold so that the embellished shapes of flowers and butterflies could be gently blended in giving a 3D texture to the pieces. As well as keeping slim and chic, Valentino involved a cap styled gown into their collection almost taking us into the tale of red riding hood. I say that Valentino's collection wasn't bold and clashing but looking at the picture on the bottom right I'd say it's pretty hard to say that piece isn't bold or clashing, but I guess they can involve a little bit of this, they are Valentino for gods sake. But Valentino Gods if you're reading this, please stay on the elegant side, I and many others like it a lot better. 

That's a wrap for the Fashion weeks until it's time for the S/S 2015 catwalk to take a stand. 2015 sounds as though it's years away, but trust me, it'll be here before you can say Paris Fashion Week S/S 2015

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Liverpool architecture turned rainbow

                            These photographs are my own and I achieved this effect on Photoshop.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Milan Fashion Week

Dolce and Gabbana

Out of no where Dolce and Gabbana decided they were taking us out for a trip to the woodland with a catwalk surrounded by trees. Nearly every piece was embroidered with woodland animals in super detail also giving a super shine. Your first question would probably be: why? We're not 12 years old? But if you look at the garments there is a large scale of sophistication to the piece through the floral designs supporting the animals, along with the contrasting colours and use of black. 
Through the more elaborate dresses such as the sheer fabric kind, the floral designs mostly only follow the line around the edge to enclave curves and not to overtake the base colour of the dress. Dolce and Gabbana are known for this type of pattern line work in their collections as the previous collection of S/S will tell you that. Dolce and Gabbana are a favourite designer of mine through their fancy florals and strong use of pretty patterns, but I don't think you'd catch me wearing a squirrel skirt.

Add a dash of pastel, a sprinkle of shine, a pair of knee high boots and what do you get? Gucci's A/W 2014 collection. We all know that pastel is definitely a hit for S/S as we saw on Burberry's catwalk, however it's taking over the whole year and moving into the A/W months. Gucci seemed to favour adding a pastel half with a shiny half to make up a tailored and slim styles look. As well as the stereotypically girly skirt being pastel Gucci encounters a traditional trench coat in numerous light pastel shades with contrasting black details to make the summer favourite baby blue trend last even longer (Gucci being our money saver since Milan 2014). The main points from the show was easily to stick with one colour for the whole outfit, sticking with a simple dress or by layering: such as a tailored suite with an oversized coat. Simple yet very very effective.


One thing Versace aimed for was to make a bold feminine impact, and which are the best colours to achieve this? Black and red. Clearly. Keeping one main colour for their A/W collection was crutial as model Georgia May Jagger paraded down with a sexy red number along with a contrasting white one. Versace are known for their imense detail of embellishments and their Instagram account where their sewers are photographed handstitching embellishments on top of the different garments of several collections. Anyway- being known for all this their A/W collection kept to this tradition especially through their sheer fabric pieces, making the dresses stay elegant even though they may be just a little bit short


You speak Prada? Rebecca Bloomwood asked in a confused tone as Luke seductivly answerd yes. It's an obvious note that Prada has made it's way into the fashion genre of film and books, and has made itself known as one of the biggest fashion brands out there. Their A/W collection at Milan Fashion Week was a block black colour take over with near enough every model top to toe in the dark tone, yet sometimes with bursts of a little colour contrast. If this reminds you of funerals then you probably should stay away from this look as you wouldn't be feeling at all happy, but if it reminds you of class and sophistication, I think you're in need of a Prada inspired wardrobe (as well as maintaining a happier mood). This style proves successful, sweep the outfit completely in black to save you wondering what matches what at the early hours of the morning. With the highlights of colour on certain lines of the garments like the necklines, the curves of the body are enchaced making quite a grungy look more feminine. You know what you've just accomplished reading this? You now speak Prada congratulations!

Georgio Armani

Similarly to Prada's collection, Georgio Armani's A/W collection at Milan Fashion Week gave us a fashion overtake of grey. Forget the typical I'm so miserable grey, say hello to the sharp, stylish and suave grey that's giving a clear win win in the tailored trend favourite for the whole of 2014. Although the low necklines can be a little risky if worn on a day to day basis, there's no need to underestimate it for when you go out, especially in a fitted tailored suit or a baggy shift dress. Different tones of grey were gifted for us to look at down the catwalk making it easier to see which hair colour or skin tone suited a particular shade more, some designs even layered or included a dip dye effect to incorporate different tones to give a unique look. Personally I love the gre, it's making women look immeamiatley more classy and let's face it intelligent. But I've gotta say it's a clear win for Prada and the all black. Prada 1, Georgio Armani 0. I guess there's always the S/S 2015 Fashion Week Armani.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Company Magazine: March edition

Winter is finally over and the sight of daffodils are in our view most as Spring finally enters the year. Walking out my house the other day felt perfectly alien as I saw leaves growing on trees, this winter feels as though it's last way a lifetime.

Company magazine this month gave us the pleasure of revealing the worthy winners of the magazine competition whereby several different categories (fashion design, photography, journalism, etc) competed to win their piece in a special mini magazine. I must say I was impressed seeing people of all ages capable of producing such clever and sophisticated work. I actually started a piece for the competition but missed the deadline (oops!). As well as giving us the memorable fashion and beauty top fives they had a special interview with Nina Nesbitt, love her style but unfortunately not her music.

From bombers to shirt dresses Comapny issued many trends popular for the Spring. But the one most popular and appealing of all is the pastel trend and working it's way into an all yearer by the looks of it as it's also a key hit for summer, autumn and winter from the catwalks.

The best way to wear a pastel shade is by pairing it up with white to enhance the colour more, as well as keeping everything light. If you're a fan of the jewellery having a large necklace to create a focal point would be perfect, but stay away from neons and dark shades! A proven success if always including some flower shaped jewellery, what better way to get into the summer mood?
If you're feeling a little more adventurous try piling on different tones or coloured pastels, you'd be surprised how good it looks. 

Now that Spring is here (and supposedly  it's going to be a hot one) I can finally hear the beckoning of summer. Yes that means holidays, festivals and sun, but there is the dreading A level exams. Urg (revision starts now I swear)

Sunday, March 2, 2014

London Fashion Week

Topshop unique 

Topshop's had a huge impact on the fashion market and we all love it. From a time when Topshop was nerdy, it's now stylish and sophisticated, and developed into a fashion phenomenon. I'm sure every girls wardrobe has a piece of Topshop in it. 
For the British brand, London Fashion Week hosted Topshop Unique's show filled with mini skirts, oversized coats and baggy jumpers. For these pieces Topshop gave a mixture of plain and patterned prints whether it be a bold patchwork or snake pattern. One of my favourite pieces was modelled by Jourdan Dunn probably the new Naomi Cambel, watch out world). The individual patterned shirt dress she modelled was something completely unexpected and totally new for the Topshop range, it's called Topshop Unique for a reason! I (along with the front row seaters Kate Moss, Anna Wintour and fashion photographer Mario Testino) were completey blown away (by the collection that is, not the British weather).


Out of all the London Fashion shows this was the most dramatic. If you want live music, well known models and an amazing front row, then Burberry was the show you needed to see. Models such as Suki Waterhouse, Jourdan Dunn and leader of the pack Cara Delevingne paraded down the catwalk in stunning original prints on sheer and leather fabric for the A/W collection. Live performances from Paloma Faith provided us with a classy atmosphere, adding to the dramatic look of the garments.
As the award winning Suki Waterhouse (my favourite model and face of Burberry Brit) strutted down the catwalk twice, Bradley Cooper gazed in awe with a smirky smile as he watched his girlfriend storm up the Burberry show. 
From the flowing and delicate texture of sheer fabric, used for most of the collection, a bold bulky carpet style bag contrasted with the attire making the collection as bright and colourful as ever. Burberry never fails to impress, even through the invitation. If you haven't seen it take a look on Instagram or give it a quick search in Google, and if it doesn't impress you then I take it you're very very hard to please.


Want to see a historical moment for the fashion industry? Just take a look at Giles' show. Even though it's not an exactly life changing moment, Cara Delevigene strutted up the catwalk of Giles Fashion show taking a selfie video whilst pulling a few faces into the camera as she went. 'The first model to take a selfie down the catwalk' humm weird yet innovative.
As for the A/W collection Giles seemed to look at numerous different styles and patterns, from fine embellishments to a street styled look. An impressive and sophisticated part of his designs were the birds that were embroidered on top of his more tailored and monochrome designs in his collection. As for the street style designs, models such as Jourdan Dunn and Cara Delevingne (once again) gave a boyish look to the outfit through the accessories and big shoes. A fashion week however, wouldn't be complete without the unfortunate trip or fall, and for Giles' show it was the last model out. You could argue that you'll fall head over heels for this A/W collection.

Christopher Kane

Grunge, grunge and a bit more grunge. Christopher Kane's focus on the colour black was clearly noted in his A/W collection bringing a mixture of elegance, mystery and oh what was that word again...oh yes...grunge. A main design he tended to go for was the shift dress and embellished different parts to enhance the top and bottom ends making the dress look a little longer, therefore making you look a little taller (oh now you're interested)! From simple handstitched plastic to layered fabric ruffles, Kane explored many different ways to provide  unique looks to every piece. Some black did have bursts of colour through a contrasting floral material, but he mostly stayed monochrome or fully silhouette black to stay with a key trend for S/S and most of the year- that is staying completely with a black pallet. If you don't like black then this collection is pretty much a no go for you but if you do (probably most) then it's a gold mine! Who can live without the signature little black dress? Black goes with everything, and thanks to Christopher Kane he's making our life a lot easier to put an outfit together in the morning. Vamp up your wardrobe with a burst of black.


It may not be the most popular fashion brand but it's certainly one of my favourite. Erdem is known for its huge amount of detail and working with different textures to create beautiful garments. Erdem stuck to its routes and continued their textual technique into their A/W collection at London Fashion Week. From rich and royal colours like blacks, golds and beige, Erdem gave each garment a unique look by sewing in different necklines, adding different patterns and taking on different embellishments. Basically everything was very different. The dresses almost gave an Egyptian styled look through the historical patterns and huge circular or triangular necklines almost looking like bully necklaces over the top. If you're one of the very many who've never seen or even heard of Erdem then now I'm sure you'll never forget. If you want something textural and busy you know where to go.
Overall London Fashion Week provided us with the popular and individual British successes that all bring an iconic look to A/W fashion. I can hear Milan calling my name for their turn in fashion week next, and don't worry- I'm on it!