Friday, February 7, 2014

Outfit of the day

Similar items to my own are pictured above. 1- (£295). 2- Dorthory Perkins (£20). 3- Next (£25)
It's finally Friday (everyone applause)! What better way to say goodbye to the dreadful college week than giving your Friday feeling a signature style.

My outfit of the day was inspired by February's edition of Company magazine through the French addiction of striped patterns and oversized tailoring. It's probably already a fact that a good 10% of my wardrobe is striped with various different colours of red, blue and black. Yet seeing this blouse in the charity shop, where I work, for only 50p felt like it deserved to be a member of the wardrobe, boosting that percentage to 11% striped clothing. The brand was Marks and Spencers so I immediately knew the blouse be great quality, I particularly liked the white collar opened to give it a casual look rather than buttoning it to the top (which I have to admit made me resemble a little like a clown). 

One of my favourite and trusted pieces in my wardrobe is my denim pencil skirt. It's likely to match anything and would even probably let me get away with wearing double denim because of the sophistication it adds to an outfit. By accompanying all this with a beige oversized coat and pair of brown brogues, it gave the look a real 60s vibe. All I needed was my mustard satchel to finish the outfit off perfectly, yet seeing as it was college my trusted (huge) Cath Kiston bag had to stay for the amount of college work I have to store.

Stripes are always in fashion, there's no reason 10% of your wardrobe shouldn't be stripes! Oh and to add to all this, this outfit was super comfortable and super warm. What else could you want for the bitter winter months?


  1. I am in love with the coat xx

  2. Loooove your coat!