Sunday, March 2, 2014

London Fashion Week

Topshop unique 

Topshop's had a huge impact on the fashion market and we all love it. From a time when Topshop was nerdy, it's now stylish and sophisticated, and developed into a fashion phenomenon. I'm sure every girls wardrobe has a piece of Topshop in it. 
For the British brand, London Fashion Week hosted Topshop Unique's show filled with mini skirts, oversized coats and baggy jumpers. For these pieces Topshop gave a mixture of plain and patterned prints whether it be a bold patchwork or snake pattern. One of my favourite pieces was modelled by Jourdan Dunn probably the new Naomi Cambel, watch out world). The individual patterned shirt dress she modelled was something completely unexpected and totally new for the Topshop range, it's called Topshop Unique for a reason! I (along with the front row seaters Kate Moss, Anna Wintour and fashion photographer Mario Testino) were completey blown away (by the collection that is, not the British weather).


Out of all the London Fashion shows this was the most dramatic. If you want live music, well known models and an amazing front row, then Burberry was the show you needed to see. Models such as Suki Waterhouse, Jourdan Dunn and leader of the pack Cara Delevingne paraded down the catwalk in stunning original prints on sheer and leather fabric for the A/W collection. Live performances from Paloma Faith provided us with a classy atmosphere, adding to the dramatic look of the garments.
As the award winning Suki Waterhouse (my favourite model and face of Burberry Brit) strutted down the catwalk twice, Bradley Cooper gazed in awe with a smirky smile as he watched his girlfriend storm up the Burberry show. 
From the flowing and delicate texture of sheer fabric, used for most of the collection, a bold bulky carpet style bag contrasted with the attire making the collection as bright and colourful as ever. Burberry never fails to impress, even through the invitation. If you haven't seen it take a look on Instagram or give it a quick search in Google, and if it doesn't impress you then I take it you're very very hard to please.


Want to see a historical moment for the fashion industry? Just take a look at Giles' show. Even though it's not an exactly life changing moment, Cara Delevigene strutted up the catwalk of Giles Fashion show taking a selfie video whilst pulling a few faces into the camera as she went. 'The first model to take a selfie down the catwalk' humm weird yet innovative.
As for the A/W collection Giles seemed to look at numerous different styles and patterns, from fine embellishments to a street styled look. An impressive and sophisticated part of his designs were the birds that were embroidered on top of his more tailored and monochrome designs in his collection. As for the street style designs, models such as Jourdan Dunn and Cara Delevingne (once again) gave a boyish look to the outfit through the accessories and big shoes. A fashion week however, wouldn't be complete without the unfortunate trip or fall, and for Giles' show it was the last model out. You could argue that you'll fall head over heels for this A/W collection.

Christopher Kane

Grunge, grunge and a bit more grunge. Christopher Kane's focus on the colour black was clearly noted in his A/W collection bringing a mixture of elegance, mystery and oh what was that word again...oh yes...grunge. A main design he tended to go for was the shift dress and embellished different parts to enhance the top and bottom ends making the dress look a little longer, therefore making you look a little taller (oh now you're interested)! From simple handstitched plastic to layered fabric ruffles, Kane explored many different ways to provide  unique looks to every piece. Some black did have bursts of colour through a contrasting floral material, but he mostly stayed monochrome or fully silhouette black to stay with a key trend for S/S and most of the year- that is staying completely with a black pallet. If you don't like black then this collection is pretty much a no go for you but if you do (probably most) then it's a gold mine! Who can live without the signature little black dress? Black goes with everything, and thanks to Christopher Kane he's making our life a lot easier to put an outfit together in the morning. Vamp up your wardrobe with a burst of black.


It may not be the most popular fashion brand but it's certainly one of my favourite. Erdem is known for its huge amount of detail and working with different textures to create beautiful garments. Erdem stuck to its routes and continued their textual technique into their A/W collection at London Fashion Week. From rich and royal colours like blacks, golds and beige, Erdem gave each garment a unique look by sewing in different necklines, adding different patterns and taking on different embellishments. Basically everything was very different. The dresses almost gave an Egyptian styled look through the historical patterns and huge circular or triangular necklines almost looking like bully necklaces over the top. If you're one of the very many who've never seen or even heard of Erdem then now I'm sure you'll never forget. If you want something textural and busy you know where to go.
Overall London Fashion Week provided us with the popular and individual British successes that all bring an iconic look to A/W fashion. I can hear Milan calling my name for their turn in fashion week next, and don't worry- I'm on it!

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