Saturday, February 8, 2014

Company Magazine: February edition

Finally it's February! The time when either your new years resolutions have been very unsuccessful and you've gone back to your old ways of stuffing yourself with chocolate on a Friday night, or either your New Years resolution has gone surprisingly well (if in that case, congrats)!

Company magazine this month whisked us away to the city of love for a special Paris edition, to make your February that extra love-ly. If you're lucky enough to spend your Valentines with someone special then there's all sorts of gift ideas you could hint like French brand perfumes and candles. If you're single (like me) don't fret, you can devour your love to the France obsessed striped T trend or any other trends for that matter. Anyway, I'm sure if a vote was carried out to see how many women would rather spend their Valentines 1) having a shopping spree or 2) having a meal with their partner, there would be a shocking result.

Seeing as Company gave us a Paris edition the obvious and stereotypical trend we associate with the French are the stripes. Blue stripes, red stripes, black stripes, whatever colour you can think of the french will have it. Sure, many people find wearing stripes a risk as too many horizontal stripes an make the perspective of your body look bigger than it actually is, but wearing the right styled T will look victorious. You could even wear vertical stripes to make you look taller, this works best with a jean or skirt to emphasise your legs.

One thing the French like to do is keep it simple. All the focus wants to be on the stripes, so plain skirts and tailored trousers are a favourtie they tend to go for. Even though most of the attention wants to be on the stripes, that doesn't mean to say you can't wear a stunning bottom half. To keep an interest in the shape a full circle skirt compliments the girly look well and bringing more sophistication than a small skater skirt. Accessories wise it's good to have a contrasting colour like red to add to a feminine look. Having bright red lipstick as well as a deep red bag will make you're face and top half of your outfit stand out, again keeping the focus on the stripes.

French actress Clemence Posey (you'll know her as Fleur Delacour from Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire) wears a unique monk shoe, giving a simple yet sophisticated look to finish any French outfit off perfectly.

I'm sure we all have a striped T somewhere in the back of our wardrobe, and I think it's time to dig it out. Even if you only want to pair it up with a simple pair of jeans the French will be saying oo la la c'est magnifique. Au revoir ma petie amis!


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