Wednesday, February 19, 2014

New York Fashion Week

Marc Jacobs

From bold and bizzar to slim and sheek, Marc Jacobs presented us with two live fashion shows from New York city for A/W 2014. Familiar fashion faces were spotted at both of the shows including Anna Wintour and Alexa Chung happily taking a satisfying front row seat. Alice in Wonderland's theme song (Disney Tim Burton version) played in the background throughout the show as the models marched out to present the bulky and military inspired pieces. Some might say... okay a lot might say that this collection is a little too "wacky" and unrealistic to wear for an everyday outfit, to which I agree. Although, lets not beat around the bush, you could easily take inspiration from the shapes or colours used in the collection. For example, it's clear that simple dark colours are a must have for A/W, along with layering styles like polar necks over thick jumpers and oversized coats.

Taking a look at the other Marc Jacobs show it completely contrasted with the previous as it focused on using pastel and neutral colours along with choosing lighter fabrics such as sheer and organza. The high hanging clouds on the fashion catwalk gave an interesting colour scheme and atmosphere to the show along with the repeated words of "Happy days are here again". It could be argued that Marc Jacobs was trying to brainwash or hypnotise us as the show by constantly repeating this. It ended up making me go into a trace, but sadly a trance of boredom as it made me loose focus. Maybe a bad move from Mr Jacobs there. 
Leaving all that behind the pieces of this collection were extremely delicate and fememinie shown though the low swoop and v necks along with the light fabric at the bottom of the dress to enhance curves. If I was to chose which collection I liked better I think it would be a clear win for the second show (if you hadn't guessed already).

Victoria Beckham

One of the first shows of New York Fashion Week was from Victoria Beckham. Known for her signature sophisticated style, Posh Spice didn't disappoint, keeping with her simple designs for her A/W 2014 collection. To bring some family support to the catwalk, her husband David Beckham, 3 sons and daughter took a front row seat at the show whilst also making time to take a family selfie, is this not the coolest family ever? Her collection focused on sheer fabrics, experimental necklines and sharp colours. Even though she tends to keep things simple her outfits involved some frills and fur to give a little texture to her pieces, yet she tended to keep them the same colours as the fabric so they didn't drown the outfit. Victoria Beckham seems to know the key to perfecting a fashion show (even though she's quite the newcomer in the industry) and that is simplicity. Ill tell you what I want, what I really really want Victoria Beckham's A/W collection.

Hugo Boss

As Jason Wu walked out at the end of the show to soak up the applause, it was clear that he'd made Hugo Boss proud, as his designs for this collection had worked a treat. Keeping with traditional fashion colours such as whites, blacks and camel, Jason Wu pulled A/W 2014 off to perfection giving something the audience to woo or Wu about (sorry but that pun had to be done). Members of the audience he'd successfully wooed came from Anna Wintour along with Benedict Cumberpatch or as many know him Sherlock Holmes. The prints from Hugo Boss where quite lined and graphic giving a unique and interesting focal point to some pieces. The collection stayed light and fitted by using soft fabrics and styles like the pencil and midi skirt. After seeing this collection it's a must that I have a pencil skirt like the one below in my wardrobe, although there is one thing I won't be taking from this collection and that is the hat hair, I mean come on Hugo Boss? Us girls love our lucious locks and even you, no matter how extravagent your collection is, won't be taking that away from us.

Ralph Lauren

You might associate grey with being a miserable colour? I think it's time for that opinion to change. We've already seen greys being a favourite colour for an oversized boyfriend coat all through A/W 2013 but now it's taking it's time on other pieces in our wardrobe. From tailored trousers to an elegant ball gown, Ralph Lauren favoured the grey tones along with the company of lilac to add a little pastel and brightness to his collection (after all we don't want to be too grey). From the textural aspect Ralph Lauren liked to focus on the detail with sheer gowns beaded and hand stitched from top to bottom giving that grey an extra lift. Most of his collection was also experimental with necklines from polar necks, V necks and straight necks, like many of the 2014 designers did this season. Never had I imagined that Ralph Lauren's collection could be so delicate from the sporty polo playing logo he presents for his brand. Oh how wrong I was, lesson learnt!

Tory Burch

A name I had not yet heard of from the fashion industry was Tory Burch, but after seeing her A/W collection at New York Fashion Week she'll be definitely a name I'll be remembering (thanks to a follow on Instargram) as her collection totally amazed me. These designs were inspired by her parents military collection of uniforms that she grew up with seeing as a young child to her late teens. She could have gone either way with this brief- either manly and oversized or feminine and traditional yet she managed to do both! Taking into terms the oversized and traditional styles of fashion that seems to be right on trend this season, she moulded her collection to fit into this as well as adding new designs like extravagant playsuits and bomber jackets. The different prints gave an Egyptian vibe from the colours and shapes giving a rich and elegant look to the piece, especially through the ruby and navy. 
Overall New York Fashion Week has been a blast! Full of fresh new talent and traditional designers we always love to see. It's London's Milan's and Paris' turn next and we sure are ready for them!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

May colour be forever in your favour

These photographs I have taken and edited on Photoshop are inspired by the work of Joshua Scott who has worked with Mac Jacobs for multiple advertising campaigns. These photographs imply the fact that when you buy something from shopping you're personality bursts through the piece you've bought, being either old fashioned or bang on trend. The colour is also used to show that when you go shopping your creative side comes out for you to buy different pieces.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Company Magazine: February edition

Finally it's February! The time when either your new years resolutions have been very unsuccessful and you've gone back to your old ways of stuffing yourself with chocolate on a Friday night, or either your New Years resolution has gone surprisingly well (if in that case, congrats)!

Company magazine this month whisked us away to the city of love for a special Paris edition, to make your February that extra love-ly. If you're lucky enough to spend your Valentines with someone special then there's all sorts of gift ideas you could hint like French brand perfumes and candles. If you're single (like me) don't fret, you can devour your love to the France obsessed striped T trend or any other trends for that matter. Anyway, I'm sure if a vote was carried out to see how many women would rather spend their Valentines 1) having a shopping spree or 2) having a meal with their partner, there would be a shocking result.

Seeing as Company gave us a Paris edition the obvious and stereotypical trend we associate with the French are the stripes. Blue stripes, red stripes, black stripes, whatever colour you can think of the french will have it. Sure, many people find wearing stripes a risk as too many horizontal stripes an make the perspective of your body look bigger than it actually is, but wearing the right styled T will look victorious. You could even wear vertical stripes to make you look taller, this works best with a jean or skirt to emphasise your legs.

One thing the French like to do is keep it simple. All the focus wants to be on the stripes, so plain skirts and tailored trousers are a favourtie they tend to go for. Even though most of the attention wants to be on the stripes, that doesn't mean to say you can't wear a stunning bottom half. To keep an interest in the shape a full circle skirt compliments the girly look well and bringing more sophistication than a small skater skirt. Accessories wise it's good to have a contrasting colour like red to add to a feminine look. Having bright red lipstick as well as a deep red bag will make you're face and top half of your outfit stand out, again keeping the focus on the stripes.

French actress Clemence Posey (you'll know her as Fleur Delacour from Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire) wears a unique monk shoe, giving a simple yet sophisticated look to finish any French outfit off perfectly.

I'm sure we all have a striped T somewhere in the back of our wardrobe, and I think it's time to dig it out. Even if you only want to pair it up with a simple pair of jeans the French will be saying oo la la c'est magnifique. Au revoir ma petie amis!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Outfit of the day

Similar items to my own are pictured above. 1- (£295). 2- Dorthory Perkins (£20). 3- Next (£25)
It's finally Friday (everyone applause)! What better way to say goodbye to the dreadful college week than giving your Friday feeling a signature style.

My outfit of the day was inspired by February's edition of Company magazine through the French addiction of striped patterns and oversized tailoring. It's probably already a fact that a good 10% of my wardrobe is striped with various different colours of red, blue and black. Yet seeing this blouse in the charity shop, where I work, for only 50p felt like it deserved to be a member of the wardrobe, boosting that percentage to 11% striped clothing. The brand was Marks and Spencers so I immediately knew the blouse be great quality, I particularly liked the white collar opened to give it a casual look rather than buttoning it to the top (which I have to admit made me resemble a little like a clown). 

One of my favourite and trusted pieces in my wardrobe is my denim pencil skirt. It's likely to match anything and would even probably let me get away with wearing double denim because of the sophistication it adds to an outfit. By accompanying all this with a beige oversized coat and pair of brown brogues, it gave the look a real 60s vibe. All I needed was my mustard satchel to finish the outfit off perfectly, yet seeing as it was college my trusted (huge) Cath Kiston bag had to stay for the amount of college work I have to store.

Stripes are always in fashion, there's no reason 10% of your wardrobe shouldn't be stripes! Oh and to add to all this, this outfit was super comfortable and super warm. What else could you want for the bitter winter months?