Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Company Magazine: January edition

As soon as January hits us it's tradition and almost natural to think of a New Years resolution and to be honest I have stuck to them (mostly). My main resolution was to start caring for my nails more. Looking back to December they were bitten down and always snapping, today they're shining, long and strong (thankyou Rimmel London nail hardener)!

This months Company Magazine was all about social media. Seeing as I'm on most social networks, some mainstream, some individual, I knew this months edition would be exciting. New Year's Day I'd find myself wishing my followers luck for 2014 even though most of them haven't even seen me in person, let alone talked to me, but there's something friendly and satisfying about having people who read and like your style on Twitter. From Tumblr, Vines and YouTube Company covered all of them giving tips on who to follow for the most fun. Even the layout for Company was different involving Instagram photo shoots and Iphone emojis in the corner of the pages! It truly was a clever edit.

Seeing as Christmas has just been (even though it feels like it was months ago) we all probably enjoyed opening a few fashion goodies which were stashed under the tree. I'll bet on the fact that you opened quite a few knits and coats this season, and if you did thank Santa because he's made you're life a lot easier for January's fashion craze.

Big knits are what it's all about for the start of 2014, whether it be a classic knit, slouchy knit or patterned knit. Accompanying the knit with an oversized coat will keep you bang on trend whilst also keeping you extra comfy through the last of the winter months. Matching it up with a pair of simple converse, cut out boots or trainers will help to add to the grunge and casual look. If you feel the need or grace to add any chunky necklace there is no stopping you, however with the large collars of the oversized coats you shouldn't feel the need, but who's to stop you adding a little bling to your day. To add as much attention to the neckline as a big bulky necklace, try out having a polar neck underneath to add a different quirky style whilst still keeping with the tailored trend. Colours and patterns for this winter season is to stay simple and traditional, keeping with a tailored style and looking smart.

To round off the post I feel the need to say Happy New Year and good luck for 2014 to my blogger followers and viewers just like I did on Twitter. It may be a little late, but better late than never!