Thursday, October 30, 2014

Company Magazine: October edition

My Company Magazine collection has got to the point of taking over my entire room, piling its way up to the ceiling that there's miniature pillars made of magazines. Unfortunately, the pillars won't be growing any taller as Company Magazine is being printed no longer and will only be available online *sigh*. There is the argument that more publications are being moved to the internet, but there's the satisfaction of touching the glossy paper, smelling the new book like scent and being able to feel special with free samples.

Anyway, enough of the sadness, lets talk trends. We know all about the layering trend for Autumn with scarves and blankets that Burberry gave us inspiration for, but what about the traditional styles?

One of the shapes that designers embraced a lot during A/W 2014 fashion week was the A line skirts and dresses which are most identified with the mod 60s look. For the perfect mod inspired outfit you've got to take monochrome to a whole new level with boxy shapes, block patterns and bold white collars. To top it al off either take a tailored trench coat or the favourite thats a toasty parka. I'm not going to lie, it does prove harder for girls to dress for 60s fashion due to the popular Pretty Green stores only selling menswear, but seeing as the mainstream are taking on a bit of the 60s it will prove a little easier for you to pop down to the high street and find something you like. Saying all this, you don't want to look like you've just transported through time machine from the 60s being completely over the top, so be aware that sometimes a little can say a lot. 

Knowing that the next edition of Company Magazine would have been the Halloween edition which makes me a little disappointed because the make up tutorials for Halloween monsters were one of a kind. Victoria White you've done this magazine proud, and I'll miss the monthly routine of searching forever more for Company on the shelves. Question is, which magazine of i start collecting to ale my next pillar? 

Monday, October 6, 2014

S/S 2015: Paris Fashion Week

 Alexander McQueen

Slightly futuristic, or slightly alien? Whichever you pick, they both relate to the McQueen fashion show. Surely, the face masks won't be making a move into our wardrobes any time soon, unless wearing a shiny black balaclava without the middle part appeals to you at all? It may look strange to us, but it's a smart move by McQueen as he makes a signature fashion show which I'm sure we'll be remembering for quite some time due to those face masks. But enough about the face, moving down the body, monochrome once again stole the limelight with the traditional floral patterns of summer taken to a new abstract and detailed level. Think the bigger the shape the better. In contrast to these bold shapes, the delicate beading technique was used to create a beautiful natural flow on the garment and a highly textural texture. One thing is for sure, the person who sewed all those beads down has got the patience of a Jedi. 


Since the 1920s, Chanel has been providing us with classic and contemporary designs including the famous little black dress. Even though Chanel herself has passed away, her brand still continues to climb to the top thanks to the help of Karl Lagerfeld. Lagerfeld had the job of creative director for the fashion show and who says you can't have a protest on a catwalk? Usually at Fashion week the protestors are outside, away from the action, with signs commanding NO FUR! But it wasn't these popular protestors, it was Lagerfeld himself along with Cara Delevigne and a parade of models. The whole protest was aimed at womens independence and feminism which Emma Watson's campaign brought this issue to the limelight. Saying all this, of course the fashion couldn't be left out, so therefore continued "normally" afterwards.  Chanel took on 60s mod shapes in their garments as many were accompanied with a simple A line skirt. As for the material tweed is completely unexpected due to it being an itchy material, but Chanel showed it at it's best as Cara strutted a whole tweed suit down the catwalk. 

Oh, one more thing to keep an eye out for is Chanel's new No5 perfume advert that lasts over a good 2 minutes, it's worth the watch.


How low can you go? According to Chloe the neckline can go as low as it pleases as long as it slightly covers the naughty areas, cheeky. Chloe experimented with the necklines at fashion week the most; some were flowery; some were V shaped and some were intertwined together using lace and ribbons. In other words, your spoilt for choice. If you did opt for a low V neckline that's a VERY floaty fabric, my only advice is don't go wearing it on a windy day, that's all I'm saying, and I'm pretty sure you'll thank me for that. Moving onto the garments the detail showed was mainly in lace or ribbons that intertwined together keeping the bottom and the top half of the garments attached to create an almost sheer fabric kind of property that many designers have gone for this season. Clever Chloe however, made their own kind of sheer fabric (kind of). Brains and beauty. 


From all the major fashion designer houses, Rochas is probably the most that is taken forgranted. Often confused with the new rising designer Simone Rocha, this fashion house is sometimes forgotten about, but thanks to Paris fashion week Rochas have been able to up their game and show what they're all about. With fashion, many of the trends seem to go around in circles every year, and flowers is a major part of this rule. However, monochrome seems to be the trend that's being worn throughout the whole year as many fashion designers parade this look at most of their shows lately, like Rochas. A huge fabric trend, sheer, has been used by many designers this season which have twisted, pleated and dyed this kind of fabric for a delicate collection. Rochas used the combination of monochrome and sheer fabric to create levels and layers to the garment and embrace 2 major trends. The shapes on all the garments stayed quite tailored with collars and strong straight lines dominating the pieces. Who knows what Rochas is going to pull out the bag next fashion week, but I'm sure a little hint of monochrome will be there.


Valentino is the show I most look forward to. Each show never disappoints through the beautiful designs which are none the comparison to other designers, Valentino truly is the favourite. The huge amount of patterned detail with a mixture of simplicity, made the perfect collection. Each garment was elegant and floaty in it's texture and stayed quite sophisticated with longer hemlines. With several of the designs taking on tribal colours and patterns they seemed to be the inspired from an urban theme for the collection. To add to the sophistication and quality finish, the use of symmetry in the designs is crucial as it helps to bring the pattern to justice. Now that you've seen Valentino's collection from this fashion week, you should check out my post from A/W Fashion week in February or even just give it a quick Google, you'll be blown away that Valentino produces exceptional garments like these every fashion week.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

S/S 2015: Milan Fashion Week


"And cut". Probably the only thing being shouted in the Versace's S/S 2015 collection's studio as nearly every garment had been cut through giving strange patterns and shapes. Some were simple cuts to show more flesh through the garment, yet others aimed for a depth in pattern by laser cutting the fabric in a small and intricate design. It seems that the skirt length is rising upwards and going back to the 60s style and shape for a simple silhouette. Even though the designs are simple, it doesn't mean to say they're any less outstanding than other designers. Keeping it easy with a small pattern on waistlines and shoulders can give the piece all it needs to grab the attention of the fashion press and fashion lovers of today.

 Dolce and Gabbana

Dolce and Gabbana showcased us with a lot of surprise this fashion week. They're known for their floral designs in their many collections and their intricate detail, and this collection showcased the same but with a hint of surprise. Their collection used the theme of Spanish bull fighting, and almost transports us back in time to when it was most popular, you can almost here the ah of the audience as the bull charges towards the red fabric. The embellishment is always a key part of Dolce and Gabbana's garments, and this time they've managed to take inspiration of the bull fighters costume such as the belt which appears on the models. The high waisted kicker pants are also a fine image of the bull fighter which appears on the models as they stampede down the catwalk together. Even though bull fighting is all about being forceful and daring, Dolce and Gabbana took a popular and delicate choice in some of their garments through using sheer fabrics and cape shapes. The bull fighter may be tough but couldn't live without a little feminist touch of sheer fabric. 


Fendi's S/S 2015 collection presented us with many different styles on the collection through patterns, dip dye and cut out shapes. The patterned orchild dress modelled perfectly by Cara Delevingne educated us with Fendi's inspiration from several flowers for Spring. From small orchilds to huge orchilds, Fendi applied many to the designs making their collection bolder by working with bigger shapes. For a more unusual style, just take a glance at the dip dyed garments in grey. Now wouldn't you usually associate dip dye with fun and hippie styled colours such as pinks and greens? Who would ever think of using greys? But I'l tell you one thing. It works! The use of grey and white keeps a subtle palette, and the fringing effect from cutting the garment makes it even more delicate through the movement. A step away from the bold and harsh tie dye we're used to, and it's defiantly a good thing. Thank you Fendi!

 Giorgio Armani

Subtle, grace and beauty. All you need to put on a magnificent show at fashion week. The neutral colours by Giorgio Armani gave an immediate delicacy to his work that was easy on the eye. Add some sheer fabric and soft flowing movement and you've got a blur of a catwalk right in front of you. Even the pattern showcased on several garments blends effortlessly into a neutral colour scheme to keep things soft and delicate. This collection, simple may it be, is one of my favourites from the beauty of layering one simple colour in different tones. Who said grey was a boring colour to wear? 


Milan had presented us with very different catwalks and presentations, with all the designers having a different influence behind their collection. With an Edwardian inspirational theme, Prada seemed to stand out the most. It's as though Prada had taken us back in time as the garments texture, colours and shapes seemed historical in their design such as the navy coats and green dress which resemble a kind of tapestry. This kind of detailing is what brought Prada's show to it's climax. The dark colour scheme of browns, blues and greens stayed throughout the show giving a harmonious colour pallet to the collection. The single breasted and double berated coats have been tailored to such grace that I'm positive that the high street shops will start to copy this look next year on the high street, and if they don't then I'm simply going to have to either hunt something down similar in a charity shop or miss the summer holiday to save up for that coat because i simply, NEED IT!

Monday, September 29, 2014

S/S 2015: London Fashion Week


"Florals for Spring, groundbreaking". With the wise words from literary fictions Miranda, of Runway magazine, it's fairly clear that florals are bound to be appearing left, right and centre over the S/S Fashion week. Ederm took the floral pattern to new levels, and when I say levels I literally mean levels as many of the garments took a 3D approach. With a mixture of sheer delicate fabric against dark colours and a mass of feather gave a real richness to the look of the garments. By doing this Erdem creates unusual layering technique and holes through the garment to create a very textural piece. One of the most beautiful designs shows a greenhouse structure behind the floral patterns, which shows how Erdem's inspiration from this collection has not just come from the average potted plant, but from across the whole of the garden.

 Julian Macdonald

Julian Macdonald is one of those designers who you can't help but like. Through his wide market of high end fashion to shops in the high street, such as Debenhams, it's obvious that all of us has seen a little of Julian before. From his TV appearances we've gained to like him even more through his hilarious personality, but what we like about him the most is his fashion collections. In fact, one of the most beautiful collections I've seen in London Fashion week has to be Juilen's. The length and pattern on his garments are realistic for the public to use on a day to day basis or for evening wear, again giving him the upper hand with the wider audience as he takes into account what the public want rather than fantasise. The busy detailed pattern and bright airy colours give the collection a bright and engaging appearance. The high neck lines and equal, symmetry of the pattern allow his garments to become even more sophisticated.  Fashion at it's best, Juilen you've done it again.

 J.W Anderson

Oversized floppy hats have been flying their way around this summer as one of the main trends, we've seen them across high street and designer stores, so why not at Fashion week? J.W Anderson took on the fashion accessory that once was the most important piece in a woman's wardrobe. Hats used to be what we have now as the shoe-aholic population we are today. So even though summer is over don't frisbee that hat away just yet, keep hold of it for next Spring (I'm sure you're used to it on a windy summers day). J.W Anderson made the hats brim come down to the shoulders giving off quite an Egyptian fantasy look. In fact his whole collection was more obsessed with the shapes rather than the colours, as his colour palette stayed quite neutral. Even though subtle tones like camel, white and black were used, J.W Anderson challenges this with his use of chains, harsh knots and ties in his garments to bring a harsh and blunt shape. If I'm hearing a chain rattling whilst someone walks behind me in Spring, I'm blaming it on Anderson. 


With high end models parading up and down the catwalk for Marchesa, the Instagram likes were going through the roof as models such as Georiga May Jagger appeared in a white ruffle dress. It's the tradition that florals are for Spring and by all means stick to it let those flowers grow! Many different colour schemes were revealed by Marchesa, however the size of the floral patterns stayed quite similar allowing it not too bold or in your face, letting the colours do the talking rather than the pattern as Marchesa tend to like fine details in their work similar to Valentino. From mid lengths, playsuits and elegant gowns, Marchesa included almost every type of gown you could want, allowing each garment to be a little different. Like over 50% of the designers at Fashion week, Marchesa crafted gowns out of the popular sheer fabric by layering different lengths together and working with embroidery on top for a garment packed full of detail.

From Burberry's 2014 A/W show blanket capes were the highlight of the catwalk and have taken over the high street this Christmas and have become a massive trend this winter. From this stonker of a show, Burberry's S/S 2015 show couldn't let us down, and I'd keep an eye on this collection if I were you because by the blink of an eye it will be Summer once again and Burberry's new garments most probably be appearing on our high streets (in a cheaper form obviously). One of Burberry's baby's (in a way) Suki Waterhouse always makes sure she shows her face on the Burberry catwalk as campaigning for Burberry for the past earned her the model profile she has today. Thanks to that fringe she's easily recognisable with her mod and vintage inspired fashion choices. Moving back to the collection, the beauty climax has to be the dip dyed effect on the sheer fabric which has been given a pleated shape for more texture. Sheer fabric seems to be sheer bliss. 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

S/S 2015: New York Fashion Week

Jason Wu

Even though Summer is over and Winter is quickly approaching there's always the S/S Fashion Week in September every year to calm us down and let us keep hold of summer for just a little bit longer. From Jason Wu's previous A/W fashion week, collaborating with Hugo Boss, we expected Wu's S/S independant line to give a patterned theme focused throughout his garments. Wu encased on a camouflage style for different pieces in this collection and kept the length of his pieces mid length to give a bold and sharp line. The colours stayed quite harmonious throughout as he stuck with greens, blues and whites. The shapes are typical of the 60s which is also a key trend for A/W this year, so put on your best mod efforts and whip on a Fred Perry polo shirt.

 Michael Kors

You may associate Michael Kors more for his statement bags but Kors can be a dark horse when it comes to his clothing line. With this collection he's made it more suitable for every day wear as well as evening wear therefore giving himself a wider market to work with. The beauty of his collection is all about the patterns and contrasting colours whether it's daisies or grapes he's managed to pull them off beautifully due to his rich colour scheme. Who thought wearing a dress full of grapes could look so stylish? The key to his collection is the crisp tailored shirt, giving a clash of simplicity to his work and calming down the busy patterns on the sheer fabric skirts. If you thought Kors was just a bag designer then you're wrong, but don't worry you're probably not the only one. You learn something new every day, shame it's not about something we can afford though.

 Naeem Khan

Elegant, extravagant and chic, Naeem Khan surely ticked these boxes for his S/S 2015 collection. His garments focused on the beauty of florals instantly giving a delicate theme for the dresses. From pastels to bold metallic, Khan made sure every dress was a little different whether it be the shape, material or pattern. As the models paraded scenes of a garden down the catwalk the dresses floated and flew showing their delicacy, especially matched with the softer tones and sheer fabrics. Naeem Khan has always been a favourite of mine as each of his collections has proved very different, allowing his talent to show through his beautiful work and never forgetting to show us what he can do. Once again, he hasn't disappointed and surely deserves the recognition other designers have. Remember his name well, he's not going anywhere. 

 Victoria Beckham

The British born and bred designer Victoria Beckham once again let her work shine in the city of New York instead of London for Fashion Week. With her last collection she kept her style simple and sophisticated and has kept to the same guidelines for her S/S 2015 collection. The main pattern she focused on was a classic french stripe pattern to give an edge to the skirts shape and give attention to the legs. Seeing as our British summer doesn't tend to have that much sun, Victoria has thought of overcoats, jackets and knitwear to give us Brits a little cover over the goosebumps in that typical British summer. The shoes at the catwalk seemed like deja vu from this summer as the chunky heels and straps seems to be here to stay. Some might say ugly shoes, but ugly shoes aren't going anywhere.

Zac Posen 

Tailoring, tailoring and more tailoring. Zac Posen is one of the designers best known for his, you guessed it, tailoring. With his work awed at down red carpets for events he knew he had to present a beautiful collection to carry on his luck on the carpet. From 2014 Summer trends we know already that monochrome was a huge focus on summer fashion, so don't go throwing your summer clothes into the loft or charity bags just yet, monochrome is here to stay for another year at the very least so keep them where you can see them. Even though Posen works simplistically, he does uses texture and structure in his work. For this collection in particular he's experimented with holes and etching shapes into the clothing which would work wonders for layering.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Company Magazine: September edition

September. The month of new starts, chapters, beginnings, whatever you like to say. For me it was the start of University studying Fashion in the beautiful city of Liverpool which will now be my home for the next 3 years. Whatever start you'll be making it's key to stay confident even though you'll probably be feeling anxious and edgy. With all those new people to meet you want to look your best and Company magazine this week has helped to keep you on top of the A/W start on your wardrobe to get heads turning.

It's the return of the winter coat. Coming again to attack our purses and run away with our money, but we let it anyway. From the A/W 2014 fashion week back in February we all know that the Burberry blanket coats were a unique look we'd be seeing our Autumn wardrobes. But Burberry didn't stop at the blanket coats, oh no, they brought us back the shearling coat which was beautifully modeled by Suki Waterhouse on the catwalk. One of the best ways to wear the shearling coat is by matching it with a scarf that is tied with a belt to give it a burst of character and original look. Whether you're for fur or against it, you'll be able to buy a suitable shearling coat for your liking. You'll not only look like you've just strutted off the Burberry catwalk but you'll also be very very toasty for the cool winter breeze coming to a city near you (theatrical voice).

As for footwear, the mule shoe is making an exciting appearance in the fashion sphere. It's a little like the cut out shoes which have been running ahead of the game for a good year, as most high street stores now stock this style. The mule shoe is acceptable for a night out or casual wear it's just up to you to dress it up or down.

If you're making a new start this month whether it's job wise, education wise or simply moving to a new town, good luck with it!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Mmmm Majestic Meringue

August only means one thing, the start of The Great British Bake Off. It's become a British representation of all us English bakers ready to take on any cake, biscuit or bread, and we love it! With pastel coloured cupcake holders and a British flag bunting circling a gazebo, bake off creates just the right mood for anyone wanting to start baking. With the whole hype of Diana VS. Iain scenario this week bake off reached tension it's never had before, even when Howard's custard went missing last year it didn't cause as much a stir (no pun intended) as this. Yes, the editing made it look like Diana had left the ice cream out for more than 40 seconds but why did she feel the need to take it out in the first place? Anyway... this debate could go on forever. SO, due to some of the bakers making tarts this week, it inspired me to make a lemon meringue, my all time favourite. It was so (surprisingly) good that I ended up buying some lemon meringue flavoured ice cream afterwards. Obsessed lemon head I know. I'm sure you can spare some time in your life to make one, and you won't regret it. With the soft topping, zingy filling and crunchy pastry you can't say no.

The recipe I used was BBC GOOD FOOD, the link is below. Get into the British mood and start baking! Send me pictures of your bakes over the Twitter/Google/Instagram link on my blog. Many options for you to chose from there so no hiding!
BBC Good Food: Lemon Meringue Pie Recipe

Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday make up haul

1- Rush of the brush.

You may have the best make up in the world, but are you helping it show it's full potential? Having patchy blotches or lines where your foundation lies, certainly isn't attractive, but it's also very unhealthy for your skin because you're basically giving your face too much to handle. Using your fingers to blend in can be a risk, especially if they're a little sweaty which makes up your make up even more uneven. To make live easier and time go quicker when applying make up use a foundation brush. I managed to find a two in one foundation and blusher brush in H&M for only £2.99, but if you're feeling more extravagant you can purchase the No7 brand at £11.99. There's something satisfying about buying a new make up brush with the smooth bristles, you'd be a bully to your face if you didn't buy one. 

2- Eye-eye captain

Mascara is one thing to enhance your lashes, but looking after your lashes before you apply it is just as important to get the best results. By crimping your eyelashes the mascara will glide easier onto your lashes and will give them much more volume. These can be picked up cheap at only £2.99 from H&M so why wouldn't you quickly pick up a pair on your way to the till? Yes, it's an old fashioned method and goes back to the 1930s, but if it didn't work wouldn't the method have changed by now? If it's alright for Nanna, it's alright for me.

3- Fight those fairies away

Some of the issues in using a bronzer or blusher is that it can sometimes look like you've just shaken fairy dust onto your cheeks as it can sometimes leave an unappealing shimmer. Many make up brands have solved this problem by providing matt powder blushers to give an even blend with your foundation and other blushers. Maybelline include most colours of skin tones, and by picking up the lightest that’s almost white in colour it can be used as a highlighter to help with contouring make up. At only £3.99 and at the size of your palm, the powder is sure to last some time. 

4- Kit up with the eye shadow 

With contouring make up hitting the big time to give our faces more shape and dimension, why leave out your eyes? It's not all about the cheeks you know. At only £3.99 in Boots this set was on special offer along with a smokey eye set that I'll probably end up going back for. All together there are 8 different shades and a highlighter to give your eyes the shine you need to get rid of all the tired bags underneath. Thanks to the different choices you're able to decide if you'd like a glitter or matt pallet to work with. Adding a dramatic mascara and eyeliner to your eye will bring out the colours further showing its full potential. If you, like me have no idea how to apply eye shadow properly, there’s a handy step-to-step guide on the back. Put your phone down, YouTube tutorials won't be needed this time.

5- Beautiful blush

B for blusher, "B cheeky" for the brand, use this blusher and you can “B” brilliant. Due to all the contouring and obsession with being browner in our skin tone we forget about the genius that is a pink blush. Treat it in the apple of your cheeks for the correct application. Only a small amount is needed to give you the healthy glow your cheeks should have, you don't want to be looking like Charlie the clown so keep it minimal. Even if you're a fan of the browner tones, adding a pink tone on top will give more depth to your make up, so stay traditional. Why wouldn't you at only £2.99?

6- Moves like (Georgia May) Jagger

Turn on the TV and the new advert all over the screen is the Rimmel London Wonder-Full mascara. With the beautiful Georgia May Jagger modeling the new mascara it's hard to think it's a bad product as she shows it at it's full beauty, almost fooling us all as it won't look anywhere near as good on us as it does on her *sigh*. I've never been one to obsess over mascara as most of the ones I use have come free with fashion magazines, but I thought I'd give this one a try. Rimmel have always been noticed for the constant releases of new mascara and never seem to disappoint. It's a pure winner for my eyes and instantly gives my lashes more volume and also stays on much longer. Even the colour of the case is gold; it knows it’s a winner.