Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Company magazine: December edition

From Christmas parties to New years eve parties, December is full of them and Company magazine give us plenty of guidance how to wear a sparkler of an outfit this Winter. With either glitter, pastel or dark florals you're bound to find something you like. Company this month also treated us to an extra long beauty edit with tips on how to make your makeup look as stunning as your outfits. Lips, eyes, cheeks, hair and even tats, Company doesn't leave any little details out to make your Christmas just a little less stressful.

The glitter trend seems like the most magical, something that's special and one off for the Christmas period so I could understand why most of the party go-ers would prefer a little sparkle and shine in their end of 2013 outfits. One of the biggest blockbuster films of 2013 The Great Gatsby has been responsible for bringing the 20s style back into our wardrobes and looking at most of the glitter dresses out there it seems to be that their styled in a 20s manner. Who's to say you have to completely go 20s, give it a modern twist with bulky jewellery, (but not too glittery, you don't want to be resembling a fairy having too much glitter) a simple court shoe and envelope clutch bag.

The pastel trend may not seem the most Christmasy but it's a great way to enter 2014 as it parades down the catwalks again for Spring and Summers 2014 fashion. The thing I love about these pastel colours is that they completely define different personalities, for the fun and zingy side go with a lemon, but for the more sophisticated side go for the violet, but which side do you want to show? That is the question.First things first, if you're picking a yellow toned colour you've got to think very carefully about what other colours you pair it up with. You don't want too much yellow that you look like a walking sun or too much black that you look like a human bumble-bee. The best colours to pair up with yellow would be harmonious being either golds, pinks or greens, personally emerald would give off a rich and modest vibe that would match the colour perfectly. To combine a few trends add some flowery shapes to your pastel outfit through chunky jewellery, clutch bags or even treat yourself to the Marc Jacobs daisy perfume. Sure, you won't actually see flowers on your outfit but you'll smell as sweet as a summer meadow.

For the more traditional black dress party favourite, the black floral trend gives a unique look to it. Whether is be a rose pattern, lily pattern or just a general flower pattern you're bound to finish off your little black dress just that little bit better. Just because you've got a busy pattern on the front of your dress who's to say that's all you can have? Go crazy and layer up multiple gold chains and necklaces at different lengths to create a different look to the collar. Seeing as it's winter and it's obviously time for Jack Frost to spread his biting cold air, pairing the dress up with a pair of thick tights would look just as good, if not better as you'll be truly sticking to the black tie traditional fashion wear.

Now it's up to you, glitter, pastel or dark florals? If it's pastel, lemon or violet? The questions are honestly never ending. Merry Christmas and a happy new year!