Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Company Magazine: November issue

It's official. We're hitting the winter months as Halloween is over and we move into November, filled with fireworks, poppies and Christmas shopping. This month Company Magazine had a huge winter coat takeover with most of the pages wrapped with different styled coats for this season. The beauty edit this week was highly impressive with different Halloween make-up to try (I tried a skeleton for my Halloween costume). There was more freebies as they gave away 2 vibrant nail polishes, impressive!

Winter coats are most likely one of the most expensive pieces of clothing you'll buy this season, however not just costing us money these things can cost us time. You'll forever hunt the shops for the best quality coat you can get your hands on but this doesn't necessarily mean one trip out. I've been searching for a camel coloured oversized boyfriend coat for months now and still not had any luck, or maybe I'm not looking hard enough.

One of the coats I've managed to purchase for the less chilly autumn months is a traditional Mac coat. It'd be great to tell you it's a designer Burberry coat, but unfortunately I'd be lying. The thing I love most about the Mac coat is the different ways it can be worn; either fastened tight with a matching belt to make it fit and flare, or left opened to give it a baggy effect, similar to the boyfriend coat look. To pair up the mac, a pair of Topshop Mom jeans look great and almost take us back to the 80s/90s emphasising your curves. In relation to the shoes, ask any girl at the moment and I garentee they'll own a pair of cut out boots (or more than one) so completing this outfit with a glossy pair of cut out boots will put you a steady ease with the rest of the fashion lovers out there.

Obviously now winter is hitting us the problem is finding jumpers fashionable and stylish enough whilst keeping the main purpose to stay warm. Luckily enough two of the toastiest jumpers have come to the fashion spotlight being the turtle neck and the polar neck. Having dark shades of emerald and purple would look best and sophisticated  for the cold winter months. I guess your Christmas outfit or present is sorted now.