Thursday, October 3, 2013

Company Magazine: October issue

Company magazine this month let the fashion grads take over and edit the whole of Company along with a little helping hand from the Company team. From Fashion Communication, Journalism and Design degree's, there's a variety of ways to make it onto a fashion mag, giving plenty of reassurance to the wannabe ed's of today. It's packed with the popular autumn/ winter trends that are ready to create a storm in the fashion market. Think bulky, oversized and layers for an outfit Jack Frost would be proud of as he starts to sail the breezy air.
As soon as I saw the "Boy meets girl" trend I knew it was my favourite. I've already been desperate to get my hands on an oversized boyfriend coat and this trend has that kind of style stamped all over it. As I mentioned before this trend is focused on bulky and oversized attire, yet the aspect of texture is a must with woolen coats being the best out of the pack! For the colours it's really all down to you. Go wild with a candy cane pink or play it cool with a grey or beige.

Don't just think you're done with a bulky coat because you're not! Slip on those big dessert boot shoes and roll up the ends of your jeans to stomp your way to the top of the trend pyramid. Embracing a stereotypical boysish backpack is also a must for this boyish trend, I'm definitely not saying go steal your brothers Adidas bag, but take a stroll down the high street to try and buckled backpack giving it a little feminine and tailored touch, after all we don't actually want to become a boy for this boyish trend, it might make a few heads turn.

Seeing as we're in October now I'm beginning to feel Christmas is just around the corner (as well as Arctic Monkeys)! As soon as November hits us I'll be getting excited for that Christmas feeling and the presents- I can't lie. Oh and I'll let you in on a little secret I still haven't found a boyfriend coat yet, I keep stealing my sister. Perk of being a twin- sharing clothes.

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