Sunday, September 15, 2013

Snuggle up to the new Autumn/ Winter trend

Oversized boyfriend coats

There is no question that the weather is going to get worse, we live in Britain for god's sake it's a fact. That means it's officially time for winter to approach and what better way to get warm and prepared than have one of these oversized boyfriend coats. This autumn and winter everyone seems to be wearing one and is the essential style statement of 2013. You could say it's like the mini skirt of the 60s, a must have!

The oversized coat from the 80's has made a huge comeback and available in all kinds of styles and colours, my personal favourite is the beige coat as it gives a real vintage vibe. Obviously by the title "oversized" you'd expect them to be big, and being the "boyfriend" style too (available in cardigans too) adds to the huge size of the coat. Some of you would think having a big coat would be slightly annoying and get in the way. This could be argued, but would you rather have a winter coat which you can wear jumpers underneath without getting crumpled and stuck on your sleeves making it almost impossible to lift your arm up, or would you rather have a winter coat that enables you to stay warm, comfortable and fashionable all at the same time. It's your call, but I know which one I'd prefer.

Seeing as autumns looking a little on the rainy side right now, let's pray for a falling of snow in the winter months, so as you wear this coat in the beautiful scenery and look as pretty as a painted winter wonderland Christmas card. You're not just wearing a work of art, you ARE the work of art! This time when your mum asks you which winter coat you want this year you'll actually know what you want.

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