Monday, September 2, 2013

Company Magazine: September issue

Summer is on its last legs now, it's September time and that usually flares the thought of going back to college and reminding us that Winter is a leaf fall away. Company magazine this month have tried to make it as summery as possible for the last hope we have of sunshine by dedicating the whole edition to Ibiza. It's packed inside with popular and the oh so unique events that are hot, hot, hot in Ibiza from the latest DJ to the best cocktails. Company magazine have also issued us with another free gift (round of applause for the Company team please)! I was in desperate need of a new eye liner pencil which was soon checked off my list when I got Company along with liquid eye liner, 2 in 1, thank you nicely.

Seeing as that chilly Autumn air has started to whistle in as the Summer heat comes to an end, it's time to layer up. It's technically still the Summer months even though it no longer feels like it so Company magazine have managed to help us out with another trend  to suite the seasons, giving us plenty of options how to wear this look from skirts and short to dungarees and skirts.

The colours you really want to be aiming for are the denims, blues and whites making your outfits feel light and bright giving you the perfect end to summer vibe. I went along with these colours going the extra mile and getting my white pins out (sorry, not sorry. According to Company pale skin could never look better, so be pale pin proud) whilst also accompanied by a play suite and a white/ grey vintage skirt unbuttoned used as a light cardigan. Wearing a light denim also looks more refreshing, so push the darks to the back of the wardrobe and drag the lights to lime light. Frilly socks and the block heeled shoes (yet again in white- what a suprise) finish off this outfit perfectly along with the golden chain to give a bulky clashing colour and focal point.

Even though Summer has come to an end, I'm actually really excited for the Winter months believe it or not. Don't you just love the blanket like winter coats, soft woolly scarves and the dark nights, not forgetting the Christmas excitement when everyone seems to be counting down. It's a hard call between Summer and Winter, both have perks.. anyway enough about Summer and Winter it's time to prepare and look forward to Autumn 2013!

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  1. good to hear that pale is in, for once i am bang on trend haha. great post hunny i love your outfit.