Friday, September 6, 2013

Bonny Wee Scotland

Last week me and my family ventured down to the beautiful, yet rainy land of the kilts and visited numerous, famous landmarks. We managed to fit in; The Royal Britannia Yoat, Edinburgh Castle, Botanic Gardens and Holyrood house in 3 days, not bad for the Hutchings family, not bad at all.
First stop was Fourth Bridge and Holyrood house the place where Mary Queen of Scott's lived and where the Queen lives when she comes to visit Scotland usually in the 1st week of July. I can definitely see why the Queen wouldn't mind living here, it's beautiful, historical and absolutely massive! Should be enough room for all the Corgi's, no need to worry about that one Liz. Holyrood house has been standing since 1128 and the detail of the building is magnificent to think it's over 900 years old. Literally all they had back then was a ladder and a chisel but managed to achieve so much detail; it did take over 400 years to build along with reconstructing in the later days to keep it in top condition. Inside it's just as beautiful with the original furniture, bedding and paintings from the house all the way back to the Tudor times, I have seen King James V's bed- don't know how to react to that one.

It's a good job all these places are linked and not far away from one another otherwise my feet would have been killing me. Stop number 2 was the almighty Edinburgh Castle, the place of the Scottish Crown Jewels, (not those kind of crown jewels- naughty) the expensive kind, the kind which are locked behind a safe styled door, probably also the kind where you'll get locked up for life if you steal them-just in case you had any ideas. As well as seeing the expensive jewels I also got to see something just as captivating, the whole view of Edinburgh and partly across the sea to see the other side of Scotland (which unfortunately for some people thought was Ireland or France, typical American tourists). Tut tut.

I think I have an unhealthy obsession with the Royal family as I've managed to cross most of their ships and homes off my list, (I should add I've been to Buckingham Palace) I could be a member of the family at this rate. Yeah, so this is the Royal Yoat Britannia a ship of the Queens which stays in port at Scotland for the public to visit. I wouldn't call it the Titanic but it's a lovely little country inspired home for the Royal's, in fact the Queen insisted she didn't want anything too fancy and just wanted it suitable enough for all the family to stay- when I say all the family I mean suitable for 250 guests. Bet the maids washing up that night wouldn't have been very pleased. 

Last visit was to the incredibly warm Botanic Gardens. You're probably thinking WARM?! IT'S SCOTLAND, HOW CAN IT BE WARM?! Let's not jump to conclusions readers I meant warm in the glass house which is one of the most famous in Europe for taking care of endangered and abnormal plants that only grow in hot conditions abroad, (but for a fact it was quite warm the day I was there actually). The Botanic Gardens is a busy spot for wedding photos with hundreds of Scottish couple saying cheese to the camera lens across the year. In the green house there were leaves the size of my whole body, it was so bizarre I can't put it into words, seeing as in Manchester the usual leaf is only the width of your palm it was a little shall we say odd.
Overall it was a fantastic trip and I'd definitely go again for a few days, perfect for a bank holiday weekend! Who knew bonny wee Scotland would hold all that?


  1. Such a sweet post I live in Scotland and just love Edinburgh so much history great read and beautiful photos loved your blog <3

  2. This looks like a brilliant trip, I'm gonna visit Scotland one day, xoxo.