Friday, August 9, 2013

Pastel craze

1- H&M. 2- New Look. 3- H&M
Ok, so you know when you go shopping and things just aren't going the way you planned? - That was my problem the other day. Seriously, all I wanted was the new Company magazine and some new on trend clothes, was that too much to ask? I found myself disguising a fast walk from shop to shop as I started to panic that nothing in front of me or on the manikins was screaming "BUY ME", I felt I had just wasted a trip into the high street. However I didn't give up, you know that saying it's like finding a needle in a hay stack, well I eventually found the needle- 4 needles to be exact! After being in H&M and New Look once already I ventured back in for another unsatisfied browse until I found a beautiful pastel green jumper, then the pastel shades kept jumping out and I ended up picking up two more lovely pieces.

First item I purchased was the beautiful green jumper. Having an inside out kind of style it looks trendy yet sophisticated especially with a statement skirt and chunky chained necklace. The pastel shades are always on trend in my book and make everything look brighter and healthier when wearing them- even your skin! But I'm sure some of you would cringe at the thought of me picking out a bright green jumper- guys it's all about the bold colours at the moment like the neon and electric blue summer trends, don't be shy. The sleeves I found were a little long but it looks so much better on a baggy jumper to have scruffy rolled up sleeves to add a bold edge to your arms just like wearing a bunch of bracelets really. As for the statement checked skirt; Topshop are instagraming like crazy beautiful knee and mid length skirts matched with a knitted jumper. Surly this is a forecatsing trend just waiting to happen- hey if Topshop show it I'm sure a LOT of people will follow, it's just a Topshop fact.

Literally 2 seconds after picking up the green jumper the dazzling yet sweet sight of the pastel violet shaded dress caught my attention. With a bright girly colour and floral lace it has summer stamped all over it, it's sure to brighten up your mood. There's something sweet about the floaty light texture and the adorable tone that makes this dress look like well to put it simply- sweets! There's a new candy crush trend being embraced on the high street with shades of pinks and pastels hitting the fashion market once again soon so this number can perfectly fit in with that. All this talk of Summer makes you think you can't wear this look in Winter? Think again my friend, it'd be just as dazzling in colour as when you first met at the shop with a pair of tights on and a denim jacket over the top you'll look like a ray of sunshine contrasting against the Winter scenes. An outfit we can wear in the sun and the rain? Talk about money saving!

When we see the word "Sale" we as human beings have a natural sense which says "GO NOW!", these are either sales of treasure or just sales of crap. Luckily the New Look sales are always sales of treasure, which proved the other day when I picked up a pastel pink blazer suitable for any season. There was a mint green shade one on offer as well but seeing as I had already purchased a green jumper why not go for the whole rainbow of colours? Unfortunately the pockets have been sewn up so that you can't use them, but with my textile knowledge all I needed was an unpicker to swipe the thread away and make the pockets be used for what they're actually known for instead of having fake ones. It puzzles me to why this item was even in the sale, it's just so beautiful and well made. You'd think I'd have purchased this for around £40-£50 pound but I managed to get my fashion greedy hands on it just for a tenner! If that's not a bargin I don't know what is.

You'd think I have all the pastel clothes checked off my list- think again there's still a lemon pastel shade on the lurch in the high street and I'm on a mission to find it. Oh and if you're wondering if I got the new Company Magazine too, I did! Thank you Superdrug - dam you WHSmith.

~ Blazer available at New Look
~ Green jumper available at H&M
~ Violet dress available at H&M