Thursday, July 18, 2013

Land of Soap and Glory

Yes you read correctly, "land of soap and glory", not "land of hope and glory". This beauty product range is taking over the UK and almost over it's national anthem- okay maybe not. But it really is sweeping the UK by a storm (leaving traces of Shea butter instead of rain) with thousands of products being purchased in a week. I was luck enough to be given a box set for my birthday so I didn't have to splash out and I was so excited to try it all out!

1- Flake away

Soap and Glory obviously know we want to take care of our whole body, even places you don't tend to reveal much like our feet. This "Flake away" foot scrub is packed with Shea butter, sugar and seed body polish to leave your feet feeling healthy and of course fresh. After applying it to damp skin simply smooth it in, make sure you don't smother your entire foot in it or else it'll leave a soggy texture that'll take ages to dry. As your skin absorbs the cream your feet can feel pampered and loved again. No more of that "Do me feet smell?" paranoia.

2- Hand food

This hand cream literally does what it says on the tin (well tube). It quotes it isn't a greasy cream and it speaks the truth because quite frankly I only find myself rubbing my hands together a few times before it's dried and left my hands feeling clean and happy. It's full of Shea butter, (yet again, this is how Soap and Glory get their signature scent) macadamia oil and marshmallows. MARSHMALLOWS?! I knew Soap and Glory had a reputation of being sweet but not literally this sweet! After just a few days my hands felt smooth and the skin around my nails was healed from the cuts and peeling skin I'd had before hand. This hand food is probably similar to Holy water- religiously I worship it.

3- Girlingo

This is very similar to the hand food, however it's for the whole of your body in a mist spray bottle to make Soap and Glory look just a little more magical. As the mist drifts onto your skin you can smell the beautiful sent of Soap and Glory. Gently rub it through your skin to give a peaceful feel to your skin, and to make your skin smell exquisite. Why bother having an expensive perfume when you can get the same affect with 'Girlingo'.

4- The righteous butter

The first thing you'll notice about this little treasure is the overpowering smell and the texture. This is another moisturising cream which works it's best when you're skin is damp and you've just had a bath or shower as it will coat your skin and protect it with its shield of bliss for the rest of the day. This cream has the likes of the popular Shea butter and Aloe Vera which does wonders for the health of your skin; Aloe Vera is even recommended for sunburn. Looking at the cream there's something about it's texture that reminds you of ice cream yet without it's stickiness, like nostalgia for the days of being a kid a the beach. You almost want to taste it, DON'T, I sincerely recommend you don't. 

5- Clean on me

Don't let Soap and Glory stop when it gets to the shower, it's not all about moisturising. This is the delightful shower gel made to make you smell good inside and outside the bathtub. Apply it generously and coat your skin with it, when the shower gel has worked it's magic simply rise off. When the gel is ex foliated onto your skin you can see bubbles emerging with a delicious scent of their own almost like a strawberry smell. But be wise in how much you use as you don't want any of this pretty potion to go to waste, seriously how many times do you find yourself ringing and twisting at the body scrubber to get all the unwanted soap off? Be generous but not too generous.
As well as coming in box sets Soap and Glory are available to purchase singly from most cosmetic retailers and supermarkets. You'll find yourself saving up for these adorable collections, and why shouldn't you? It's money well spent! After the Queen's tried some she may even approve of putting Soap and Glory in the national anthem, who knows.

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