Friday, July 26, 2013

Company magazine: August edition

Ah August- halfway through the Summer when you'll probably be either settled into a well earned trip abroad or sat at home panicking for the upcoming results day. Even if you are stuck in the UK you'll have time to enjoy the boiling hot weather lately with temperatures reaching to over 30 degrees. 30 degrees in Britain? How often do you hear that in a sentence! Company magazine this month has surely brought the bright, sunny weather to the cover with yellow smack bang right, left and centre, they've even brought it inside with the neon fashion trend including radiant yellow colours. There's been a couple of bright trends in this months Company for the holiday season, but I went for a more sophisticated tailored one.

The trend I was influenced by this month was the Stockholm tailored trend, suitable for any occasion. Make it casual with a pair of shorts and a 3/4 blouse or make it more formal with pants and a pussybow blouse, it's your call. As long as the clothes are layered and sew at excellent quality you'll have cracked this trend. The tailored trend is especially effective for a vintage styled outfit transporting you a little to your Nanna's wardrobe but adding a new modern twist with big shoes and bulky jewellery. Seeing as I mention big shoes why not accompany the shoes with socks, particularly frilly ones which are all over Topshop in over 20 different styles and colours.

It's not only women taking to this trend, the men are too!With the likes of mod icons like Miles Kane to back this tailored trend up in Italian suits ,which he has stuck since his interest in 60s music and fashion, I'm sure no one will be lost of inspiration or ideas on outfits. Maybe Mr Kane has even more tailored trend advise than the likes of Company.You know the deal, you want to look smart, then you've got to be smart and get an outfit together QUICKLY!

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