Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Hypnatized by spiral tie dye

I used a packet of red dye by Dylon
How to achieve a surprisingly easy tie dye technique. Quick, simple and looks great!
DIY textiles can save you so much money, dying is one of the ways which will help you to save. Why buy a t-shirt, cushion, etc which is dyed  for an expensive price when you can simply do it yourself for a fraction of the price. Okay, there is the issue that sometimes we just can't be arsed and it looks "too hard" but it's not, just follow these steps and you'll be a tie dying spiral expert! When you master this pattern what's stopping you to try different ones?

You will need
~ A pack of dye (available at a local Chemist)
~ Bucket
~ Salt (5 tbsp)
~ Elastic bands or bobbles
~ A spoon
~ Warm water (6 litres)

1. Start by getting a bucket and filling it with warm water, add the salt (so the dye sticks) and half a packet of dye (the more you put in the stronger, the more water you put in the weaker).
2. Move the dye to one side and get the fabric you wish to dye. Before squeezing it into a spiral you need to rinse it under water, only until it's damp not soaking!
3. Whilst it's damp pinch the fabric in the middle then spin it around, you may need to work on a small table so that you can walk around it whilst you spin it. Fasten the shape by using elastic bands or thin bobbles in a star composition.
4. Place your fabric in the dye and leave for around half and hour so that the dye has enough time to soak into the fabric.
5. Take the fabric out and remove the elastic bands or bobbles. Open it out to reveal it's beautiful pattern, and hang it over a washing line or bath to dry. (If it's taking hours to dry just use a hair dryer).
6. Your masterpiece has finished, people will be impressed!

"Where did you get that top, I love it!" 
"Oh, I  made it. It's an original by me"

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