Friday, June 21, 2013

Company magazine: July edition

This month Company magazine has yet again cherished us with a free gift and this time it's even better. A FREE MAKE-UP BAG, with 3 patterns to choose from, but the floral one seemed just right to get into the summer mood. One trend that I loved in this weeks Company was the paisley pattern because of its vintage edge and that you can wear it in so many ways to create different focal points on your outfit whether it be on pant, top or even a scrunchie for your hair (a new must have in the fashion books)


Oh paisley, what a beautiful print. So busy and vibrant it makes your eyes pop! (in a good way) Current fashion trends have been particularly busy as we know from my previous posts of Company issues, therefore this trend follows in their footsteps.

For this trend you can either layer up different colour and styles of the paisley pattern or you can keep it simple by accompanying it with other key trends for the season. Personally I think a paisley blouse looks best as it can bring the focal point towards your face making you look bright and radiant, to add to that I think having too much can something be a little too daring, however there's nothing wrong with a matchy-matchy outfit! If it matches go for it!

As one of my previous posts showed, uniform fashion is coming back and hitting the fashion market it a modern style like a denim coloured pinafore in a skater skirt formation. In my opinion I think it goes with the paisley print a lot as it contrasts against the brace of the pinafore well making both pieces stand out and compliment each other. As well as fitting into the fashion market there's an even bigger gain, it makes your legs look longer, what else could you want?

Seeing as paisley is a little 60s along with the pinafore pairing it up with a black biker jacket and heeled Chelsea boots really adds to the rock look whilst adding a little bit of a punky side through the triangular shaped jewellery which is sweeping the high street stores at the moment (as well as chunk chain). Either would look great for this outfit, or none at all, it all depends if you can deal with a long chunky chain sometimes getting in your way, especially if you've got a practical job to do, but hey- no pain no gain! You'd be a fool to not give this simple trend a go! 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Hypnatized by spiral tie dye

I used a packet of red dye by Dylon
How to achieve a surprisingly easy tie dye technique. Quick, simple and looks great!
DIY textiles can save you so much money, dying is one of the ways which will help you to save. Why buy a t-shirt, cushion, etc which is dyed  for an expensive price when you can simply do it yourself for a fraction of the price. Okay, there is the issue that sometimes we just can't be arsed and it looks "too hard" but it's not, just follow these steps and you'll be a tie dying spiral expert! When you master this pattern what's stopping you to try different ones?

You will need
~ A pack of dye (available at a local Chemist)
~ Bucket
~ Salt (5 tbsp)
~ Elastic bands or bobbles
~ A spoon
~ Warm water (6 litres)

1. Start by getting a bucket and filling it with warm water, add the salt (so the dye sticks) and half a packet of dye (the more you put in the stronger, the more water you put in the weaker).
2. Move the dye to one side and get the fabric you wish to dye. Before squeezing it into a spiral you need to rinse it under water, only until it's damp not soaking!
3. Whilst it's damp pinch the fabric in the middle then spin it around, you may need to work on a small table so that you can walk around it whilst you spin it. Fasten the shape by using elastic bands or thin bobbles in a star composition.
4. Place your fabric in the dye and leave for around half and hour so that the dye has enough time to soak into the fabric.
5. Take the fabric out and remove the elastic bands or bobbles. Open it out to reveal it's beautiful pattern, and hang it over a washing line or bath to dry. (If it's taking hours to dry just use a hair dryer).
6. Your masterpiece has finished, people will be impressed!

"Where did you get that top, I love it!" 
"Oh, I  made it. It's an original by me"