Friday, May 31, 2013

NME: 1st June edit, Miles Kane.

NME has been packed this week from mega rock bands like Oasis and The Arctic Monkeys to individual sensations like Jake Bugg. The main article this week however was focused on Miles Kane the rock god, the sex god...well the whatever god you can think of. It's packed full of the latest news on his new album Don't forget who you are as well as his journey of making it to the top to work with the lights of Paul Wheller. There's some interesting/weird facts along the way like his love for Haribo's. Who doesn't like Haribo's though?

Miles Kane is well known for his cool, unique, mod style which is reflected straight away as his photo shoot is slap bang on the front cover (his first ever NME cover). He wears a velvet dark striped blazer with tight black skinny jeans accompanied by his antique like electric guitar worn like a necklace to show off his "bling".

We learn of the little Miles Kane and his single parented family growing up. He's been inspired by his idols  Liam Gallagher and David Bowie as he grew up listening to their music and forever wishing to be like them up on stage.Miles has always been involved with music as at school he used to play in a band, then his journey expanded to The Little Flames, The Rascals and eventually to where he is now, being the front man. Aw, Miles have a pat on the back!

It's not been an easy album for Miles to make as he wanted it to be different from his previous album "Colour of the Trap" in a positive, satisfactory and surprising way. "Don't forget who you are" has a rocky, poppy edge combining both types to create a unique sound. Even though he's the cover Miles is rather the dark horse as we find out he's been offered to play John Lennon in the film "Nowhere Boy",(Woah Miles, have a double pat on the back!) right now he could be sun bathing by a sparkling swimming pool in Hollywood rather than gigging in the sweaty academy's and bars, but that's just what Miles wants and feels he's living his dream. Through the article we get a sense of his fun personality and his generous side as he takes time to have pictures with fans, say cheese! NME quoted him as the next Liam Gallagher after idolising him for decades, however Miles simply says he's "just Miles Kane", he's the Miles Kane of the century not the Liam Gallagher that has already been.

His previous girlfriend Suki Waterhouse (model) is mentioned and how things so quickly changed as she's now dating the Hollywood movie star Bradley Cooper. The new song "Out of control" was written from Miles's inspiration of Suki and even the song "Give up" from his EP. Does this show us a softer side to Miles? Is there a more caring, deep message in his songs hidden behind the heavy rock sound. This happened at the time of the NME tour which Miles was headlining, as soon as he's living his dream another one was crushed. Why did they have to break up?! They were such a good couple.

We'll definitely hear much more of Miles as he's certain there will be another Last Shadow Puppets album with Alex Turner along with a lot of tours for Don't forget who you are. As soon as Monday comes I'm buying that album! I recommend you should do the same, you'll miss out otherwise.Go on, you know you want to.

~ Don't forget who you are is available Monday 3rd of June

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