Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Company magazine: June edition

Sun was almost radiating off this weeks Company magazine as neon colours, festival outfits and pairs of sunnies were on nearly every page! Summer is finally on its way- lets hope it's not a rainy one. I particularly liked the article on cover girl Demi Lovato as it opened my eyes to a side of her I've never known, hidden by Disney Channel. For once I even attempted to copy a rainbow nail art pattern- I tired, but failed. Turns out a lot of patience is needed. The 1990's style was a key trend inside transporting us back with the bold retro colours and patterned pants.

Putting bold colours and iconic patterns together seemed to be the focal point of Company these past few months and has been followed through with this 90s retro trend.

For the pant a monochrome checked pair of leggings with black Chelsea boots would work best and really bring back the current historical trends like the monochrome of the 60s. To add to that the boots blend into the colour a little so that the bottom half of the outfit doesn't make your eyes pop too much and doesn't have too much colour going on, or taking your eyes off the top half of the outfit. A  pastel or bolder coloured jumper accompanied with a white polo shirt gives a baggy feel adding to the boyish trend yet adds a tint of vintage style too through the polo collar, involving a lace pattern on the collar would add even more to a vintage feel or by placing collar studs on it for a little blind on the collar as well as around your neck. This style aims to have clashing colours rather than clashing patterns so don't go worrying about striking out too much. Who knew the 90s was so inspirational, I'm so glad I'm a nineties baby.


  1. I loveee those trousers so gorgeous.Great style girl! :)