Sunday, April 14, 2013

Disney Pixar's Brave ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I bought Brave on DVD the other week and I report on watching it for the first time.
Disney Pixar in the past have usually focused on bringing toys (Toy Story) and monsters (Monsters Inc) to life, but now they've tried a whole new storyline bringing the new red haired lass Princess Merida to the spotlight in the brand new film Brave. This is Disney Pixar's first Princess yet she doesn't follow to original stereotype of the blonde bimbo Cinderella partnered with Prince Charming, Merida's a ginger tomboy accompanied by a pack of bears and a bow and arrow in this story. A step too far for Disney? Did going out of that "dreams do come true" and Prince Charming business pay off?

Directors Mark Andrews and Brenda Chapman made this tale for us and broke many a Disney tradition to get there. Brave is a hybrid of animation, action, adventure and comedy to capture the imagination of any audience from children to adults, you couldn't go wrong watching this on a Saturday night in with the fam. From beginning to end Brave is packed full of breath taking scenes showing a dramatic start and teary finish. The protagonist Merida (Kelly Macdonald) is forced into marriage by her Mother the Queen (Emma Thompson) but Merida rebels against this and wants to change her fait. Spells and magic change Merida's fait for the worst after a selfish decision and she ends up in a nightmare with her mother, we adventure how the mystery unravels itself and how things are put right. Brave shows the tight bond between Mother and Daughter unlike any other Disney movie before and maybe encourage kids not to grow up too quickly like we see in the classic Disney films as teenagers run off with Prince Charming to get married. Merida also lives with her Father (Billy Connolly) and three troublesome triplet brothers who never speak during the film yet have a huge impact on the humour.

Setting the film in Scotland is an extra bonus, as well as never having a Disney film set there before using this type of animation really explores Scotland's beauty and show the views as though they were photographs. It shows the admirable waters, ancient ruins and magical woodland. The special effects really capture every detail, every red haired curl, every tartan patch and every engravement on the bow which brings the text to life. There are track lists through the film such as Touch the sky and a song musically written by the popular folk rock band Mumford and Sons and vocally recorded by Birdy called Leave me right. The sound is hypnotising and I've found myself having to Youtube them over and over, they have the beauty of Scottish melody without the screeching bagpipe whale, so no earplugs needed!

For me Brave was full of unexpected moments giving me a real interest in the story not wanting me to miss a thing. My eyes were glued! I'll definitely be watching this again over and over for a long time. One of the best Disney films ever made! You should try it, check out Scotland, embrace the beautiful animation and hang out with Merida for a while. You might end up wishing you were Scottish by the end, who thought a ginger princess could be this great?

~Brave is available at all local supermarkets and The Disney Store

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  1. Would you believe I'm a film student and haven't seen this film?!

    I've been really skeptical of watching it because it looks so different to the rest of what Disney has produced in the past but your review has made me change my mind, it's definatly on the agenda to watch this weekend!
    Love your blog so have followed you now! I'm a recent newbie too so would you mind checking my blog out?

    Thanks lovely, x