Sunday, April 21, 2013

Mum, where's my uniform?

One of the top trends this season is that primary school signature look. Lets go back in time to bring these past outfits back to life, the pinafore, the dungaree, the frilly socks, yes they're all making a modern comeback. Ok, so some of you would probably cringe at the thought of wearing these in public and hate to remind yourself of those embarrassing moments back at school, but give it a try this trend is sweeping the fashion market. Come to mention it this style doesn't just take us back to primary school it transports us back to the 60's too, with fashion icons like Mary Quant who modelled this look. You could be the next Mary Quant, wouldn't that be lovely?

Oh colours, colours which colour to pick? Personally I think the colours black and denim are the best as you can find anything to go with it whether it's a patterned blouse or a plain white T. The black gives a professional, monochrome look yet the denim gives a more fun colourful one. Pairing these up with a polar shirt and brogues gives it the perfect Vintage edge, combine this with a chunky, bulky necklace to accompany the outfit and it really gives an expensive modern touch. Huge thick jewellery is in, get them topping off your outfits! Pinafores and dungarees are available is nearly every high street shop at the moment so no need to panic and go for the unreliable internet shopping trick (will it or won't it fit me). If you're a little empty in the piggy bank right now it's fine, maybe you should have a scavenge through your Nanna's wardrobe or find a piece of your old primary school uniform and give it a BIG stretch. Humm, maybe just go for the first option.

I told you from my previous posts old fashioned 60's styles were coming back, stick with me kids I know my stuff. Who knew looking like a school girl could be so fashionable?

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Company Magazine: May edition

I have to say this edit of Company Magazine is one of the best they've ever done! Great styles, writing and celeb goss inside to keep me page turning for a good couple of hours. I especially like the fashion advise from Suki Waterhouse (Fashion idol number 1) and the article on Alexa Chung (Fashion idol number 2) oh and not forgetting the FREE mascara!!! A main trend throughout Company this week has been florals and clashing patterns seeing as it's spring and summer season it's the perfect time of year to be embracing this style.

The collection that's been chosen bellow is mostly by Stella McCartney using her signature pink floral print in a pastel tone. I know most of you don't have to money to spend a Stella McCartney (neither do I) but there's many similar items on the high street you can get your fashion greedy hands on.

The pastel and white colours make it immediately link with the colour of Summer giving you a fresh and bright look (hopefully to match the bight day, but you never know with Britain). Even if it goes start to rain a light thin summer coat with a similar pattern is perfect to swing over the top. This outfit could work with any kind of floral pattern or colour, as long as you keep layering the flowers that's the key to the trend.

A kind of shoe that is concouring the fashion catwalks are cut out shoes making it visible for either skin or socks to show through, surprisingly they look extra stylish with socks, even if they are in a sandal like style. The colour black seems to be more popular in the fashion market however a white cut out shoe would look more original and suite the summery season more, however it's a definite no for wearing black tights with these! A similar shoe style to the cut out shoes are a jelly shoe (yes, you heard right, a jelly shoe). The childhood classic is making a fashion statement in the most popular colours of black, white and glittery silver. If you want a hint of nostalgia from your childhood (personally a pair of blue Little Mermaid jell shoes) then get the jelly shoe on your shoe shelf!

Disney Pixar's Brave ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I bought Brave on DVD the other week and I report on watching it for the first time.
Disney Pixar in the past have usually focused on bringing toys (Toy Story) and monsters (Monsters Inc) to life, but now they've tried a whole new storyline bringing the new red haired lass Princess Merida to the spotlight in the brand new film Brave. This is Disney Pixar's first Princess yet she doesn't follow to original stereotype of the blonde bimbo Cinderella partnered with Prince Charming, Merida's a ginger tomboy accompanied by a pack of bears and a bow and arrow in this story. A step too far for Disney? Did going out of that "dreams do come true" and Prince Charming business pay off?

Directors Mark Andrews and Brenda Chapman made this tale for us and broke many a Disney tradition to get there. Brave is a hybrid of animation, action, adventure and comedy to capture the imagination of any audience from children to adults, you couldn't go wrong watching this on a Saturday night in with the fam. From beginning to end Brave is packed full of breath taking scenes showing a dramatic start and teary finish. The protagonist Merida (Kelly Macdonald) is forced into marriage by her Mother the Queen (Emma Thompson) but Merida rebels against this and wants to change her fait. Spells and magic change Merida's fait for the worst after a selfish decision and she ends up in a nightmare with her mother, we adventure how the mystery unravels itself and how things are put right. Brave shows the tight bond between Mother and Daughter unlike any other Disney movie before and maybe encourage kids not to grow up too quickly like we see in the classic Disney films as teenagers run off with Prince Charming to get married. Merida also lives with her Father (Billy Connolly) and three troublesome triplet brothers who never speak during the film yet have a huge impact on the humour.

Setting the film in Scotland is an extra bonus, as well as never having a Disney film set there before using this type of animation really explores Scotland's beauty and show the views as though they were photographs. It shows the admirable waters, ancient ruins and magical woodland. The special effects really capture every detail, every red haired curl, every tartan patch and every engravement on the bow which brings the text to life. There are track lists through the film such as Touch the sky and a song musically written by the popular folk rock band Mumford and Sons and vocally recorded by Birdy called Leave me right. The sound is hypnotising and I've found myself having to Youtube them over and over, they have the beauty of Scottish melody without the screeching bagpipe whale, so no earplugs needed!

For me Brave was full of unexpected moments giving me a real interest in the story not wanting me to miss a thing. My eyes were glued! I'll definitely be watching this again over and over for a long time. One of the best Disney films ever made! You should try it, check out Scotland, embrace the beautiful animation and hang out with Merida for a while. You might end up wishing you were Scottish by the end, who thought a ginger princess could be this great?

~Brave is available at all local supermarkets and The Disney Store

Monday, April 8, 2013

Check it out

Model: Fiona

The new check trend is sure to be checking all your boxes. The pattern is making a come back once again and is appearing on any type of clothing available from an accessory to a full pant. Here's a couple of ways to wear the terrific trend.

Black and white Topshop leggings - £25

This pair of monochrome styled leggings are a huge eye popper in the fact they stand out to show your loud fashionable personality. To wear something so attractive doesn't come with any pain, they're easily stretchable made of 70% cotton, 25% Polyester and 5% elastane making sure they'll bounce back into shape giving you the quality you need. This would be a great purchase to make as they'll be sure to satisfy and allow you to stand out from the denim jean crowd. Yes you have to be pretty brave to wear these but they're definitely worth the risk, let your fashion confidence grow girls! Personally these are one of my favourite pair of pants and are surprisingly easy to find clothes to accompany this outfit.  Placing them with a black leather jacket and plain top compliments the pattern and calms it down a little so that it's not too full in your face, even turning up the ends gives more emphasis to your ankles so that your shoes aren't overshadowed in the checks beauty. Hint- pull them up tight for extra comfort and a peachy looking bum.

~ Available at Topshop. 

Red tartan scarf, hand me down

Never mind buying something new, have a rummage through your parents wardrobe you'll be surprised that your parents were actually fashionable. Once. This is an old scarf of my Dad's which dates back to when he was at college, when it comes to it maybe my children will wear it, it's soon to be an antique! The colours aren't too bright and all balance out to compliment each other beautifully with the light threads at the ends as the perfect finishing touch. This tartan scarf can go with almost all coats and jackets like denim, leather and parka's. Obviously worth the buy. In my opinion it looks captivating when wearing pants or a skirt, the pants give a dominant vibe whereas the skirt gives it a charming affection. It can make so many outfits, certainly wouldn't break them.

~ Similar style available at Topshop.

Black and white button through skirt, hand me down

It's a fact that more and more people are investing in sewing machines with sales last year rising to up to 20%, now leaving room for old trends to come back and combine with modern ones, it's a simple scenario for you to purchase one. Why not? You'll be a designer at the press of a peddle. This skirt used to belong to my Nanna and was down to the floor, quite disgusting right? Even she only wore it once shoving it to the back of her wardrobe, but just give it a cut and a sew of the hem and you can give it a fashion make-over. It doesn't take much time or money to insight a little Vintage into your life just a "Pretty please?" to toot through your Nanna's old clothes. The buttons down the middle enhance the neatness of the skirt and give a professional impact as well as an edgy, unique feel. I love wearing the skirt with brown brogues and mustard satchel for a 60's look transported to the current day.

~Similar available on ASOS.

Grey and yellow shirt, New Look Sale- £7

One of the most popular ways to wear the check pattern is through a shirt which portrays the cowboy kind of style, most of us will probably have a good couple of these in our wardrobe. Having an oversized shirt hung out instead of tucked in gives a casual, modern twist on the stereotypical Billy Ray Cyrus look allowing you to differ in the number of ways you can style the shirt. Wearing plain black leggings or jeggings will let your shirt gain the attention it deserves so that everyone can admire the pattern you own. It's 100% cotton yet the texture feels quite fleecy it's almost like a toasty blanket with arms keeping you warm throughout the day hugging you with its checkerly love. This shirt really works for me as it's simple and mainstream, I can safely say I have quite a collection of them hung in my wardrobe, each with different styles. Clearly checks are checking in and florals are checking out.

~Available at New Look.