Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Company magazine: December edition

From Christmas parties to New years eve parties, December is full of them and Company magazine give us plenty of guidance how to wear a sparkler of an outfit this Winter. With either glitter, pastel or dark florals you're bound to find something you like. Company this month also treated us to an extra long beauty edit with tips on how to make your makeup look as stunning as your outfits. Lips, eyes, cheeks, hair and even tats, Company doesn't leave any little details out to make your Christmas just a little less stressful.

The glitter trend seems like the most magical, something that's special and one off for the Christmas period so I could understand why most of the party go-ers would prefer a little sparkle and shine in their end of 2013 outfits. One of the biggest blockbuster films of 2013 The Great Gatsby has been responsible for bringing the 20s style back into our wardrobes and looking at most of the glitter dresses out there it seems to be that their styled in a 20s manner. Who's to say you have to completely go 20s, give it a modern twist with bulky jewellery, (but not too glittery, you don't want to be resembling a fairy having too much glitter) a simple court shoe and envelope clutch bag.

The pastel trend may not seem the most Christmasy but it's a great way to enter 2014 as it parades down the catwalks again for Spring and Summers 2014 fashion. The thing I love about these pastel colours is that they completely define different personalities, for the fun and zingy side go with a lemon, but for the more sophisticated side go for the violet, but which side do you want to show? That is the question.First things first, if you're picking a yellow toned colour you've got to think very carefully about what other colours you pair it up with. You don't want too much yellow that you look like a walking sun or too much black that you look like a human bumble-bee. The best colours to pair up with yellow would be harmonious being either golds, pinks or greens, personally emerald would give off a rich and modest vibe that would match the colour perfectly. To combine a few trends add some flowery shapes to your pastel outfit through chunky jewellery, clutch bags or even treat yourself to the Marc Jacobs daisy perfume. Sure, you won't actually see flowers on your outfit but you'll smell as sweet as a summer meadow.

For the more traditional black dress party favourite, the black floral trend gives a unique look to it. Whether is be a rose pattern, lily pattern or just a general flower pattern you're bound to finish off your little black dress just that little bit better. Just because you've got a busy pattern on the front of your dress who's to say that's all you can have? Go crazy and layer up multiple gold chains and necklaces at different lengths to create a different look to the collar. Seeing as it's winter and it's obviously time for Jack Frost to spread his biting cold air, pairing the dress up with a pair of thick tights would look just as good, if not better as you'll be truly sticking to the black tie traditional fashion wear.

Now it's up to you, glitter, pastel or dark florals? If it's pastel, lemon or violet? The questions are honestly never ending. Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Company Magazine: November issue

It's official. We're hitting the winter months as Halloween is over and we move into November, filled with fireworks, poppies and Christmas shopping. This month Company Magazine had a huge winter coat takeover with most of the pages wrapped with different styled coats for this season. The beauty edit this week was highly impressive with different Halloween make-up to try (I tried a skeleton for my Halloween costume). There was more freebies as they gave away 2 vibrant nail polishes, impressive!

Winter coats are most likely one of the most expensive pieces of clothing you'll buy this season, however not just costing us money these things can cost us time. You'll forever hunt the shops for the best quality coat you can get your hands on but this doesn't necessarily mean one trip out. I've been searching for a camel coloured oversized boyfriend coat for months now and still not had any luck, or maybe I'm not looking hard enough.

One of the coats I've managed to purchase for the less chilly autumn months is a traditional Mac coat. It'd be great to tell you it's a designer Burberry coat, but unfortunately I'd be lying. The thing I love most about the Mac coat is the different ways it can be worn; either fastened tight with a matching belt to make it fit and flare, or left opened to give it a baggy effect, similar to the boyfriend coat look. To pair up the mac, a pair of Topshop Mom jeans look great and almost take us back to the 80s/90s emphasising your curves. In relation to the shoes, ask any girl at the moment and I garentee they'll own a pair of cut out boots (or more than one) so completing this outfit with a glossy pair of cut out boots will put you a steady ease with the rest of the fashion lovers out there.

Obviously now winter is hitting us the problem is finding jumpers fashionable and stylish enough whilst keeping the main purpose to stay warm. Luckily enough two of the toastiest jumpers have come to the fashion spotlight being the turtle neck and the polar neck. Having dark shades of emerald and purple would look best and sophisticated  for the cold winter months. I guess your Christmas outfit or present is sorted now.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Vogue's Fashion Night Out

It's the event I'd been counting down to for weeks, Vogue's Fashion Night Out was approaching and it was better than I imagined. The fashion shows, the editors, the celebs where all there embracing one of the most historical events in Manchester fashion. FINALLY fashion is moving up north and being celebrated all over the UK instead of just London. Maybe it will move even further up north to Scotland one day, but somehow with the overflow of kilts and bad weather I think the tartan pattern is all the fashion industry will take from the Scottish.

Stepping into the first Manchester street I could feel the buzz and excitement, mostly from my friends who couldn't wait to get started. The sound of high heeled cut out boots (the massive Autumn footwear trend) echoed on the pavements, the spotlights specially put up gleamed through the dark Autumn sky and the electric, loud feel of music boomed through the air. What was not to like? To be honest I was so overwhelmed by it all I just didn't know where to start (that too I didn't yet have a map).

There was so much on offer I couldn't possibly see it all but what I did see was fantastic! We tooted around the Arndale shops hunting for freebies, (I can't lie). As well as the freebies and vouchers, competitions where up for grabs too with money, trips and even photo shoots. Boohoo made a suprise visit looking as vibrant as ever in a double decker hot pink bus with matching cars, no one could miss them, (literally). When I entered Selfridge's one of my favourite people in the journalism world, Jameela Jamil, was stood behind a huge DJ deck turning up the tunes whilst a dominant, bright orange coat sat on her shoulders. Booming and beautiful. Jameela Jamil is mostly known for her role at radio 1, but I know her most from Company Magazine where she writes a column every month with some seriously gripping writing. To top things off with Jameela Jamil I got a picture with her!

Arndale was now checked off our list and it was time for the designer shops turn. The most heaving shop in the whole of Manchester was the great Harvey Nichols, not just inside but outside as protesters bellowed "NO MORE FUR", to be fair it made the whole atmosphere more exciting. After jolting my way inside and up the escalators I could see the sight of little pastel painted sheds with designer names nailed on top. These little sheds contained the actual designers who would sew and embellish the Vogue t-shirts which were on sale, how amazing it was to see the designers at work, under pressure yes, but still creating beautiful designs.

King Street was the place to be if you wanted a drink or a snack, with nearly every shop taking part in Vogue's big eat. Cupcakes and cosmopolitan were a favourite in Jack Wills, as well as free champagne and chocolate truffles being showcased outside; champagne truffles sounded interesting, something new I'd never come across but I obviously went for the chocolate, who turns down free chocolate? Cath Kidston was a fashion breath of fresh air (and a breathe of strawberry gin jam which was being given out, in cute little jars with red polka dot lids my I add). One unique and captivating event which took place on the third floor of Cath Kidston was the tea leaf readings. Two of my friends bravely sat down to hear their future being read out to them. It's a little too scary for me; either hearing something you don't want to know or having false expectations, but anyhow... my two friends had a try and heard their futures lie in Rome and Textiles, and I couldn't be more pleased for them!

There were many a fashion show held at Vogue's Fashion Night Out, I had the great pleasure of watching two of them which were New Look's collection and The Gathering Goddess. New Look's fashion show surprised me with the aspect of dance choreography and beautiful shoes I could actually afford. The Gathering Goddess is a vintage collection especially from America, various outfits were strutted down the catwalk with beautiful detail from the embellishments on top of the 60's styled dresses and cardigans. One of my favourite pieces was a unique, vintage map print bag, I may end up attempting to sew one of those up at a later date!

One of the best moments of the night was being spotted by Gap, me and my friend literally jumped for the fashion heavens shouting "FINALLY". We had the opportunity to be in a photo shoot for Gap and get a free milkshake, my choice of the night was an Oreo flavoured one. It was so tasty it's making my mouth water just writing about it, I think Starbucks is on a run for it's money. Gap NEEDS to open up a permanent milkshake bar (you heard it hear first).

Definitely one of the best nights in fashion, and one of my first. Hopefully not my last! Vogue you've done it again, no wonder it's known as the fashion bible.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Company Magazine: October issue

Company magazine this month let the fashion grads take over and edit the whole of Company along with a little helping hand from the Company team. From Fashion Communication, Journalism and Design degree's, there's a variety of ways to make it onto a fashion mag, giving plenty of reassurance to the wannabe ed's of today. It's packed with the popular autumn/ winter trends that are ready to create a storm in the fashion market. Think bulky, oversized and layers for an outfit Jack Frost would be proud of as he starts to sail the breezy air.
As soon as I saw the "Boy meets girl" trend I knew it was my favourite. I've already been desperate to get my hands on an oversized boyfriend coat and this trend has that kind of style stamped all over it. As I mentioned before this trend is focused on bulky and oversized attire, yet the aspect of texture is a must with woolen coats being the best out of the pack! For the colours it's really all down to you. Go wild with a candy cane pink or play it cool with a grey or beige.

Don't just think you're done with a bulky coat because you're not! Slip on those big dessert boot shoes and roll up the ends of your jeans to stomp your way to the top of the trend pyramid. Embracing a stereotypical boysish backpack is also a must for this boyish trend, I'm definitely not saying go steal your brothers Adidas bag, but take a stroll down the high street to try and buckled backpack giving it a little feminine and tailored touch, after all we don't actually want to become a boy for this boyish trend, it might make a few heads turn.

Seeing as we're in October now I'm beginning to feel Christmas is just around the corner (as well as Arctic Monkeys)! As soon as November hits us I'll be getting excited for that Christmas feeling and the presents- I can't lie. Oh and I'll let you in on a little secret I still haven't found a boyfriend coat yet, I keep stealing my sister. Perk of being a twin- sharing clothes.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

High Street vs. Designer

Is there much difference between high street and designer apart from the price tag?

From Christian Louboutin to Coco Chanel we all have a guilty pleasure when it comes to designer; but is it all worth crying over to afford a pair of shoes that can amount to over £1000 when down the road you could get a perfect pair for £30? Some people, however are still picky and almost snobby about the word “High street” as though it’s a curse to even set a foot (or a Louboutin) down there.

I know for some women having an item of designer clothing is somewhat similar to owning an Oscar, the pride of wearing something that’s been specially made as though it’s a gift from the designer to you, but do you need your entire wardrobe to be full of names? I know that I’m put off a lot by the length of the number on the price tag and seeing as fashion is always changing I’m not prepared to pay hundreds for a skimpy vest top.

I guess shopping at a designer brand is just an experience most women want to have, to feel a sense of wealth and fortune, to feel that designer silk caressing your skin as you slip into the new Chanel summer dress. Adding to the celebrity lifestyle, the service with a smile and a glass of bubbly can really make you feel special. Take it from me; it’s a lot different to the tip we call Primark and the service of “Would you like a bag for that?” Obviously? Unless walking around town with a matching set of cupcake pajamas in your arms looks normal to you?

I mock Primark’s high street service yet entering Burberry the other week seemed like one of the most awkward and embarrassing experiences I have been through in my life. Let me explain... just the other week I decided to take a trip into Manchester, and after gallivanting through The Arndale for a whole morning I finished pretty early (for me), so decided to step foot down the “posh” side of Manchester, BIG MISTAKE! Dear readers please take it from me: if you’re going to go into Burberry do not enter with a card factory bag! As soon as I walked in I felt the cold stare and rising noses of the staff judging me as I walked past the £500 purses. I felt so much at unease I kept tripping over my own feet not knowing which direction to go in, but having an inkling CCTV cameras were probably on my every move. I hardly even looked at the items; I was too busy trying to hide my 5 cards for £1 in my card factory bag. To this date I think that’s the quickest time I’ve been in and out a shop.

Yes designer can be very nice, but as a teenager of 2014 people seem to think you’re armed with a weapon and a hood ready to rob the store. Is that bodyguard checking me out or has he simply got a shifty eye? Designer brands may look inviting but they only want you in their shops if you can actually afford something.

“Take the next right, then turn down the arcade and keep going straight”.
 Yes, a lot of our time in the high street does end up getting lost or searching for shops endlessly if you don’t know the city you’re in. With the high street you have to choose a wise time to go; Saturdays are obviously going to be swarming with people especially when the sales are on, you’ll find yourself jolting everyone out the way to get to the jam packed rails. A good example of this is the River Island sales, if you’ve ever been to the River Island sales you’ll know what I mean; stacks of rails up to the ceilings overflowing with (to put it blunt) crap, ugly clothes that no one wants. Who wants a pair of shorts with a cartoon ice cream pattern on? Not me or most the population of the UK, hence why they’re in the sale.

Funnily enough, even though you know the sales are crap you’ll find yourself almost dragged into them and sometimes (if you’re lucky) you’ll find a really nice jumper for about £5 cheaper than it originally was, not really worthy of being in the sale but it was on the sale rack so you always count it as a “bargain”. I’ve been one of the lucky ones finding decent clothes in the sale racks, but not being 100% sure to buy it or not, so I’ll hide it in between some tacky pair of patterned leggings knowing I’ll be safe to come back later for it. Is it just me or does that never work out? I’ll return back later, happy that I’ve finally made up my mind then look where I left it and it’s gone, vanished off the face of the earth, gone forever. Then all I can do is complain that someone stole it even though it wasn’t mine in the first place. Sales are stressful stuff.

All of this can be rather tiring, and it’s well known shopping in the high street for the day can be exhausting, but there’s many a place to boost your energy! Take Manchester for example, there’s a Starbucks almost around every corner so you’re bound to easily find one, no need for the satnav on phone trick. As well as being easy to get to, the high street is value for money without being too cheap and tacky.

Personally, Zara is my favourite and best value for money as their clothing line is tailored and sophisticated in style, looking like it’s just come out of Whistles collection. The quality is strong and you’re bound to find something perfect in there to match an occasion whether it is for a formal party or festival wear. Now America is hearing our call for the high street as Topshop has made its way into their land and they love it; round of applause for Topshop everyone.

If I had to choose between the two, the high street would definitely be number one for me, I’ll be joining half of the women in Britain who say they prefer the high street to designer. Why do I prefer the high street? Well, for one you can buy a whole outfit or more for the same price as a bag from Gucci so you’re definitely getting your money’s worth. Next, the atmosphere is better and makes my life a hell of a lot easier being able to meet friends, have a drink and shop all at the same time for a couple of hours. Also, now everything has been taken over by the world of the internet you can now shop from the popular high street stores online on your couch at home with a cup of tea, what could be more soothing than looking at clothes you could actually afford whilst watching Corrie?

Let’s not be biased about this issue though, as I cannot say I despise designer shops, far from it! Especially seeing as Cath Kidston is one of my favourite shops. Designer can have its perks and so can the high street but I know that seeing as we are living in a recession (and I usually only have a fiver to my name) I know I prefer the high street along with the majority of people. Take a trip down and thank me later. Take a trip down to the “posh” side of Manchester if you wish but please don’t take a card factory bag with you, you’ll thank me later for that too.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Snuggle up to the new Autumn/ Winter trend

Oversized boyfriend coats

There is no question that the weather is going to get worse, we live in Britain for god's sake it's a fact. That means it's officially time for winter to approach and what better way to get warm and prepared than have one of these oversized boyfriend coats. This autumn and winter everyone seems to be wearing one and is the essential style statement of 2013. You could say it's like the mini skirt of the 60s, a must have!

The oversized coat from the 80's has made a huge comeback and available in all kinds of styles and colours, my personal favourite is the beige coat as it gives a real vintage vibe. Obviously by the title "oversized" you'd expect them to be big, and being the "boyfriend" style too (available in cardigans too) adds to the huge size of the coat. Some of you would think having a big coat would be slightly annoying and get in the way. This could be argued, but would you rather have a winter coat which you can wear jumpers underneath without getting crumpled and stuck on your sleeves making it almost impossible to lift your arm up, or would you rather have a winter coat that enables you to stay warm, comfortable and fashionable all at the same time. It's your call, but I know which one I'd prefer.

Seeing as autumns looking a little on the rainy side right now, let's pray for a falling of snow in the winter months, so as you wear this coat in the beautiful scenery and look as pretty as a painted winter wonderland Christmas card. You're not just wearing a work of art, you ARE the work of art! This time when your mum asks you which winter coat you want this year you'll actually know what you want.

Summer reads

During the Summer I've had plenty of time to read and catch up on some of the new and old releases and I can truly say every single book kept me page turning until the end. I found myself getting attached to the characters and story, then being unable to put the books down, some of them I even managed to read them in one or two days they were that addictive! Somehow I found myself having gone through something with the book, like a bond, and when it's over it's kind of sad until you start a new story.Seeing as just before Summer I was taking my AS exams, I could only touch a book if it was a revision guide or "The Colour Purple" which I was studying for English. I couldn't help peeking in the corner of my eye when sat at my bed doing revision the stack of books waiting for me to read on a leisurely basis, the stories I ACTUALLY wanted to get my nose stuck into.

Finally my exams were over and I could hear the beckoning of "Perks of being a Wallflower" begging to be read. Read number one: Perks of being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky There's a certain rule or natural human instinct when you first start a book that is; to smell  it. I'm sure it's a well known fact that books have one to the top 10 nicest smells in the world, why don't they have a book smelling perfume or air fresher? Personally I think it would sell well (Dragon's Den here I come). "The Perks of being a Wallflower" was my quickest read only taking 3 days, sure you could argue that it's thin but it was the story that I found so addictive being wrote in a dairy from that I couldn't put it down. I won't spill any of the details or narrative, you should go and read it for yourself. If you're not a keen reader there is the film version you could watch starring Emma Watson as Sam. I haven't personally        watched it myself and somehow I just don't think it will be able to top the book.

After engrossing myself in a book for 3 days I picked up the 2nd on my pile. Read number two: The Fault in our Stars by John Green. I'm pretty sure half of the population of teenagers in the UK alone have read this book, with people constantly tweeting and recommending it to others. The whole story topic is quite bitter, yet made sweet by the two protagonists Augustus and Hazel Grace. The book takes you on a whole journey stepping into someone else's shoes, whereby you'll share a laugh and a tear. John Green has gave permission for the story to be published again as a film in 2014, I'll definitely be watching!

Seeing as John Green's novels were so addictive and eye opening, I took the liberty of picking up another novel by him, written almost 10 years before his number 1 hit "The Fault in our Stars". Read number 3: Looking for Alaska by John Green. This has the more typical and realistic storyline to it of the love and hate relationships- yes we all have them. It has a whole theme throughout of being stuck in a Labyrinth and not knowing how or where to go, yet there will always be a way out. Yet again a 3 day read as I couldn't even manage to keep the book down, I was too engrossed in the whole story between Miles and Alaska, along with the unexpected tragedies and antics. A funny, silly yet heart breaking book.

Somehow by this point in the Summer holidays I found college nearly back on its way so I thought it was about time I started my English homework of reading one of the books on the list. Read number four: The Woman in Black by Susan Hill. The Woman in Black is one of the most successful horror films we have today (probably because it included Daniel Radcliffe) and I'd even watched it at the cinema before (even though I hate horror films). When I first picked up the book I wasn't looking forward to the story and being scared to turn off the light at night, however after reading on it's nothing like the film and portrays a whole different story, plus there was a bonus (It wasn't scary- thank god)! The Woman in Black is quite a thin book and again was only a 3 day read (what is it with me and 3 days? Always 3,     never 2 or 4)

By this point I was being called a book worm by the whole family who repeatedly joked about my bedroom becoming some sort of library. Read number five:The life of Pi by Yann Martel. Seeing as this was an extremely successful Hollywood movie I thought I'd bring myself to read the book before watching the film adaptation. There's something mysterious and puzzling about the end of the book and in some ways makes you think. I'm sure a lot of you know that Pi  spends over 100 days stuck at sea with a Tiger in a a life boat, but at the end it questions is this was even real and if he imagined it all- you have to go with your instinct here. I believed the story, but maybe I'm just naive.

I left one of the best books till last- an autobiography to be precise. Read number six: Is it just me? by Miranda Hart. Now, I already huge liking for Miranda and own the box sets of her sitcom series Miranda, therefore reading the book was a no brainer. I loved the way she wrote and I ended up reading it in her voice. The topics she brought up were quite serious yet talked about in a hilarious and mockery, for example office jobs, weddings and cringy dates- yep they're all packed in there. Anything you can think of which is an embarrassment to the word "life" is written down. Don't get me wrong it's not all about taking the mickey and award moments, there's a lesson to be learnt to go with your heart to peruse the right dream. Miranda says she wanted to work in politics and realised she was chasing the wrong dream. Could you imagine Miranda in the House of Commons? Comedy gold.

Now that college has started again (unfortunately) I have the excitement of reading Equus, A street car named Desire and Othello. I can hardly contain my excitement (*cough* sarcasm).

Friday, September 6, 2013

Bonny Wee Scotland

Last week me and my family ventured down to the beautiful, yet rainy land of the kilts and visited numerous, famous landmarks. We managed to fit in; The Royal Britannia Yoat, Edinburgh Castle, Botanic Gardens and Holyrood house in 3 days, not bad for the Hutchings family, not bad at all.
First stop was Fourth Bridge and Holyrood house the place where Mary Queen of Scott's lived and where the Queen lives when she comes to visit Scotland usually in the 1st week of July. I can definitely see why the Queen wouldn't mind living here, it's beautiful, historical and absolutely massive! Should be enough room for all the Corgi's, no need to worry about that one Liz. Holyrood house has been standing since 1128 and the detail of the building is magnificent to think it's over 900 years old. Literally all they had back then was a ladder and a chisel but managed to achieve so much detail; it did take over 400 years to build along with reconstructing in the later days to keep it in top condition. Inside it's just as beautiful with the original furniture, bedding and paintings from the house all the way back to the Tudor times, I have seen King James V's bed- don't know how to react to that one.

It's a good job all these places are linked and not far away from one another otherwise my feet would have been killing me. Stop number 2 was the almighty Edinburgh Castle, the place of the Scottish Crown Jewels, (not those kind of crown jewels- naughty) the expensive kind, the kind which are locked behind a safe styled door, probably also the kind where you'll get locked up for life if you steal them-just in case you had any ideas. As well as seeing the expensive jewels I also got to see something just as captivating, the whole view of Edinburgh and partly across the sea to see the other side of Scotland (which unfortunately for some people thought was Ireland or France, typical American tourists). Tut tut.

I think I have an unhealthy obsession with the Royal family as I've managed to cross most of their ships and homes off my list, (I should add I've been to Buckingham Palace) I could be a member of the family at this rate. Yeah, so this is the Royal Yoat Britannia a ship of the Queens which stays in port at Scotland for the public to visit. I wouldn't call it the Titanic but it's a lovely little country inspired home for the Royal's, in fact the Queen insisted she didn't want anything too fancy and just wanted it suitable enough for all the family to stay- when I say all the family I mean suitable for 250 guests. Bet the maids washing up that night wouldn't have been very pleased. 

Last visit was to the incredibly warm Botanic Gardens. You're probably thinking WARM?! IT'S SCOTLAND, HOW CAN IT BE WARM?! Let's not jump to conclusions readers I meant warm in the glass house which is one of the most famous in Europe for taking care of endangered and abnormal plants that only grow in hot conditions abroad, (but for a fact it was quite warm the day I was there actually). The Botanic Gardens is a busy spot for wedding photos with hundreds of Scottish couple saying cheese to the camera lens across the year. In the green house there were leaves the size of my whole body, it was so bizarre I can't put it into words, seeing as in Manchester the usual leaf is only the width of your palm it was a little shall we say odd.
Overall it was a fantastic trip and I'd definitely go again for a few days, perfect for a bank holiday weekend! Who knew bonny wee Scotland would hold all that?

Monday, September 2, 2013

Company Magazine: September issue

Summer is on its last legs now, it's September time and that usually flares the thought of going back to college and reminding us that Winter is a leaf fall away. Company magazine this month have tried to make it as summery as possible for the last hope we have of sunshine by dedicating the whole edition to Ibiza. It's packed inside with popular and the oh so unique events that are hot, hot, hot in Ibiza from the latest DJ to the best cocktails. Company magazine have also issued us with another free gift (round of applause for the Company team please)! I was in desperate need of a new eye liner pencil which was soon checked off my list when I got Company along with liquid eye liner, 2 in 1, thank you nicely.

Seeing as that chilly Autumn air has started to whistle in as the Summer heat comes to an end, it's time to layer up. It's technically still the Summer months even though it no longer feels like it so Company magazine have managed to help us out with another trend  to suite the seasons, giving us plenty of options how to wear this look from skirts and short to dungarees and skirts.

The colours you really want to be aiming for are the denims, blues and whites making your outfits feel light and bright giving you the perfect end to summer vibe. I went along with these colours going the extra mile and getting my white pins out (sorry, not sorry. According to Company pale skin could never look better, so be pale pin proud) whilst also accompanied by a play suite and a white/ grey vintage skirt unbuttoned used as a light cardigan. Wearing a light denim also looks more refreshing, so push the darks to the back of the wardrobe and drag the lights to lime light. Frilly socks and the block heeled shoes (yet again in white- what a suprise) finish off this outfit perfectly along with the golden chain to give a bulky clashing colour and focal point.

Even though Summer has come to an end, I'm actually really excited for the Winter months believe it or not. Don't you just love the blanket like winter coats, soft woolly scarves and the dark nights, not forgetting the Christmas excitement when everyone seems to be counting down. It's a hard call between Summer and Winter, both have perks.. anyway enough about Summer and Winter it's time to prepare and look forward to Autumn 2013!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Kon'nichiwa Kimonos

Say Kon'nichiwa to the new Japanese luxury that is travelling to the UK. Seeing as it's Summer it's a perfect time to be embracing this beautiful, silky wear that is not just heading to the UK but all around the world as you Brits pack it up and take it on your hols for the perfect beach wear.

When I say "Kimono" we don't mean a full on Japanese outfit fit for a fancy dress party. It's an inspired creation from the floral silk like material mixed with a Western feel fixed with tassels on the edges, maybe it should have been called the "Westimono" but somehow I can understand why that didn't happen.The use of black is vividly strong, but black is acceptable for any outfit having endless colours that it can be matched with (fashion rule number 1: know what matches and what doesn't). Don't get disheartened if you're not a dark coloured clothing fan, there's also a vast majority available in white with a Great Gatsby feel to them as they're fully embellished with sequins and beads. Why, Mr Gatsby would swing you away playing All that jazz in his oh so expensive mustard motorcar, ok Rachel that's enough.

One of the best things about this Summer style favourite is not just the beautiful floral patterns but the feel and texture of the Kimono. The way it's loose with it's large sleeves lets the summer air in and allows you to wear it when it's boiling hot, debatable that it protects you from sunburn really seeing as you'll have no need to take it off apart from when you're in the sea, don't want to get it ruined now do we?

I wonder if the Japanese are embracing any of the British typical accessories, although I don't think an umbrella is needed that much over on the other side of the world, it just tends to be scorching hot. If you have been to Japan and it's been raining then let's be honest, us Brits take the weather wherever we go.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Pastel craze

1- H&M. 2- New Look. 3- H&M
Ok, so you know when you go shopping and things just aren't going the way you planned? - That was my problem the other day. Seriously, all I wanted was the new Company magazine and some new on trend clothes, was that too much to ask? I found myself disguising a fast walk from shop to shop as I started to panic that nothing in front of me or on the manikins was screaming "BUY ME", I felt I had just wasted a trip into the high street. However I didn't give up, you know that saying it's like finding a needle in a hay stack, well I eventually found the needle- 4 needles to be exact! After being in H&M and New Look once already I ventured back in for another unsatisfied browse until I found a beautiful pastel green jumper, then the pastel shades kept jumping out and I ended up picking up two more lovely pieces.

First item I purchased was the beautiful green jumper. Having an inside out kind of style it looks trendy yet sophisticated especially with a statement skirt and chunky chained necklace. The pastel shades are always on trend in my book and make everything look brighter and healthier when wearing them- even your skin! But I'm sure some of you would cringe at the thought of me picking out a bright green jumper- guys it's all about the bold colours at the moment like the neon and electric blue summer trends, don't be shy. The sleeves I found were a little long but it looks so much better on a baggy jumper to have scruffy rolled up sleeves to add a bold edge to your arms just like wearing a bunch of bracelets really. As for the statement checked skirt; Topshop are instagraming like crazy beautiful knee and mid length skirts matched with a knitted jumper. Surly this is a forecatsing trend just waiting to happen- hey if Topshop show it I'm sure a LOT of people will follow, it's just a Topshop fact.

Literally 2 seconds after picking up the green jumper the dazzling yet sweet sight of the pastel violet shaded dress caught my attention. With a bright girly colour and floral lace it has summer stamped all over it, it's sure to brighten up your mood. There's something sweet about the floaty light texture and the adorable tone that makes this dress look like well to put it simply- sweets! There's a new candy crush trend being embraced on the high street with shades of pinks and pastels hitting the fashion market once again soon so this number can perfectly fit in with that. All this talk of Summer makes you think you can't wear this look in Winter? Think again my friend, it'd be just as dazzling in colour as when you first met at the shop with a pair of tights on and a denim jacket over the top you'll look like a ray of sunshine contrasting against the Winter scenes. An outfit we can wear in the sun and the rain? Talk about money saving!

When we see the word "Sale" we as human beings have a natural sense which says "GO NOW!", these are either sales of treasure or just sales of crap. Luckily the New Look sales are always sales of treasure, which proved the other day when I picked up a pastel pink blazer suitable for any season. There was a mint green shade one on offer as well but seeing as I had already purchased a green jumper why not go for the whole rainbow of colours? Unfortunately the pockets have been sewn up so that you can't use them, but with my textile knowledge all I needed was an unpicker to swipe the thread away and make the pockets be used for what they're actually known for instead of having fake ones. It puzzles me to why this item was even in the sale, it's just so beautiful and well made. You'd think I'd have purchased this for around £40-£50 pound but I managed to get my fashion greedy hands on it just for a tenner! If that's not a bargin I don't know what is.

You'd think I have all the pastel clothes checked off my list- think again there's still a lemon pastel shade on the lurch in the high street and I'm on a mission to find it. Oh and if you're wondering if I got the new Company Magazine too, I did! Thank you Superdrug - dam you WHSmith.

~ Blazer available at New Look
~ Green jumper available at H&M
~ Violet dress available at H&M

Friday, July 26, 2013

Company magazine: August edition

Ah August- halfway through the Summer when you'll probably be either settled into a well earned trip abroad or sat at home panicking for the upcoming results day. Even if you are stuck in the UK you'll have time to enjoy the boiling hot weather lately with temperatures reaching to over 30 degrees. 30 degrees in Britain? How often do you hear that in a sentence! Company magazine this month has surely brought the bright, sunny weather to the cover with yellow smack bang right, left and centre, they've even brought it inside with the neon fashion trend including radiant yellow colours. There's been a couple of bright trends in this months Company for the holiday season, but I went for a more sophisticated tailored one.

The trend I was influenced by this month was the Stockholm tailored trend, suitable for any occasion. Make it casual with a pair of shorts and a 3/4 blouse or make it more formal with pants and a pussybow blouse, it's your call. As long as the clothes are layered and sew at excellent quality you'll have cracked this trend. The tailored trend is especially effective for a vintage styled outfit transporting you a little to your Nanna's wardrobe but adding a new modern twist with big shoes and bulky jewellery. Seeing as I mention big shoes why not accompany the shoes with socks, particularly frilly ones which are all over Topshop in over 20 different styles and colours.

It's not only women taking to this trend, the men are too!With the likes of mod icons like Miles Kane to back this tailored trend up in Italian suits ,which he has stuck since his interest in 60s music and fashion, I'm sure no one will be lost of inspiration or ideas on outfits. Maybe Mr Kane has even more tailored trend advise than the likes of Company.You know the deal, you want to look smart, then you've got to be smart and get an outfit together QUICKLY!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Land of Soap and Glory

Yes you read correctly, "land of soap and glory", not "land of hope and glory". This beauty product range is taking over the UK and almost over it's national anthem- okay maybe not. But it really is sweeping the UK by a storm (leaving traces of Shea butter instead of rain) with thousands of products being purchased in a week. I was luck enough to be given a box set for my birthday so I didn't have to splash out and I was so excited to try it all out!

1- Flake away

Soap and Glory obviously know we want to take care of our whole body, even places you don't tend to reveal much like our feet. This "Flake away" foot scrub is packed with Shea butter, sugar and seed body polish to leave your feet feeling healthy and of course fresh. After applying it to damp skin simply smooth it in, make sure you don't smother your entire foot in it or else it'll leave a soggy texture that'll take ages to dry. As your skin absorbs the cream your feet can feel pampered and loved again. No more of that "Do me feet smell?" paranoia.

2- Hand food

This hand cream literally does what it says on the tin (well tube). It quotes it isn't a greasy cream and it speaks the truth because quite frankly I only find myself rubbing my hands together a few times before it's dried and left my hands feeling clean and happy. It's full of Shea butter, (yet again, this is how Soap and Glory get their signature scent) macadamia oil and marshmallows. MARSHMALLOWS?! I knew Soap and Glory had a reputation of being sweet but not literally this sweet! After just a few days my hands felt smooth and the skin around my nails was healed from the cuts and peeling skin I'd had before hand. This hand food is probably similar to Holy water- religiously I worship it.

3- Girlingo

This is very similar to the hand food, however it's for the whole of your body in a mist spray bottle to make Soap and Glory look just a little more magical. As the mist drifts onto your skin you can smell the beautiful sent of Soap and Glory. Gently rub it through your skin to give a peaceful feel to your skin, and to make your skin smell exquisite. Why bother having an expensive perfume when you can get the same affect with 'Girlingo'.

4- The righteous butter

The first thing you'll notice about this little treasure is the overpowering smell and the texture. This is another moisturising cream which works it's best when you're skin is damp and you've just had a bath or shower as it will coat your skin and protect it with its shield of bliss for the rest of the day. This cream has the likes of the popular Shea butter and Aloe Vera which does wonders for the health of your skin; Aloe Vera is even recommended for sunburn. Looking at the cream there's something about it's texture that reminds you of ice cream yet without it's stickiness, like nostalgia for the days of being a kid a the beach. You almost want to taste it, DON'T, I sincerely recommend you don't. 

5- Clean on me

Don't let Soap and Glory stop when it gets to the shower, it's not all about moisturising. This is the delightful shower gel made to make you smell good inside and outside the bathtub. Apply it generously and coat your skin with it, when the shower gel has worked it's magic simply rise off. When the gel is ex foliated onto your skin you can see bubbles emerging with a delicious scent of their own almost like a strawberry smell. But be wise in how much you use as you don't want any of this pretty potion to go to waste, seriously how many times do you find yourself ringing and twisting at the body scrubber to get all the unwanted soap off? Be generous but not too generous.
As well as coming in box sets Soap and Glory are available to purchase singly from most cosmetic retailers and supermarkets. You'll find yourself saving up for these adorable collections, and why shouldn't you? It's money well spent! After the Queen's tried some she may even approve of putting Soap and Glory in the national anthem, who knows.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Company magazine: July edition

This month Company magazine has yet again cherished us with a free gift and this time it's even better. A FREE MAKE-UP BAG, with 3 patterns to choose from, but the floral one seemed just right to get into the summer mood. One trend that I loved in this weeks Company was the paisley pattern because of its vintage edge and that you can wear it in so many ways to create different focal points on your outfit whether it be on pant, top or even a scrunchie for your hair (a new must have in the fashion books)


Oh paisley, what a beautiful print. So busy and vibrant it makes your eyes pop! (in a good way) Current fashion trends have been particularly busy as we know from my previous posts of Company issues, therefore this trend follows in their footsteps.

For this trend you can either layer up different colour and styles of the paisley pattern or you can keep it simple by accompanying it with other key trends for the season. Personally I think a paisley blouse looks best as it can bring the focal point towards your face making you look bright and radiant, to add to that I think having too much can something be a little too daring, however there's nothing wrong with a matchy-matchy outfit! If it matches go for it!

As one of my previous posts showed, uniform fashion is coming back and hitting the fashion market it a modern style like a denim coloured pinafore in a skater skirt formation. In my opinion I think it goes with the paisley print a lot as it contrasts against the brace of the pinafore well making both pieces stand out and compliment each other. As well as fitting into the fashion market there's an even bigger gain, it makes your legs look longer, what else could you want?

Seeing as paisley is a little 60s along with the pinafore pairing it up with a black biker jacket and heeled Chelsea boots really adds to the rock look whilst adding a little bit of a punky side through the triangular shaped jewellery which is sweeping the high street stores at the moment (as well as chunk chain). Either would look great for this outfit, or none at all, it all depends if you can deal with a long chunky chain sometimes getting in your way, especially if you've got a practical job to do, but hey- no pain no gain! You'd be a fool to not give this simple trend a go! 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Hypnatized by spiral tie dye

I used a packet of red dye by Dylon
How to achieve a surprisingly easy tie dye technique. Quick, simple and looks great!
DIY textiles can save you so much money, dying is one of the ways which will help you to save. Why buy a t-shirt, cushion, etc which is dyed  for an expensive price when you can simply do it yourself for a fraction of the price. Okay, there is the issue that sometimes we just can't be arsed and it looks "too hard" but it's not, just follow these steps and you'll be a tie dying spiral expert! When you master this pattern what's stopping you to try different ones?

You will need
~ A pack of dye (available at a local Chemist)
~ Bucket
~ Salt (5 tbsp)
~ Elastic bands or bobbles
~ A spoon
~ Warm water (6 litres)

1. Start by getting a bucket and filling it with warm water, add the salt (so the dye sticks) and half a packet of dye (the more you put in the stronger, the more water you put in the weaker).
2. Move the dye to one side and get the fabric you wish to dye. Before squeezing it into a spiral you need to rinse it under water, only until it's damp not soaking!
3. Whilst it's damp pinch the fabric in the middle then spin it around, you may need to work on a small table so that you can walk around it whilst you spin it. Fasten the shape by using elastic bands or thin bobbles in a star composition.
4. Place your fabric in the dye and leave for around half and hour so that the dye has enough time to soak into the fabric.
5. Take the fabric out and remove the elastic bands or bobbles. Open it out to reveal it's beautiful pattern, and hang it over a washing line or bath to dry. (If it's taking hours to dry just use a hair dryer).
6. Your masterpiece has finished, people will be impressed!

"Where did you get that top, I love it!" 
"Oh, I  made it. It's an original by me"

Friday, May 31, 2013

NME: 1st June edit, Miles Kane.

NME has been packed this week from mega rock bands like Oasis and The Arctic Monkeys to individual sensations like Jake Bugg. The main article this week however was focused on Miles Kane the rock god, the sex god...well the whatever god you can think of. It's packed full of the latest news on his new album Don't forget who you are as well as his journey of making it to the top to work with the lights of Paul Wheller. There's some interesting/weird facts along the way like his love for Haribo's. Who doesn't like Haribo's though?

Miles Kane is well known for his cool, unique, mod style which is reflected straight away as his photo shoot is slap bang on the front cover (his first ever NME cover). He wears a velvet dark striped blazer with tight black skinny jeans accompanied by his antique like electric guitar worn like a necklace to show off his "bling".

We learn of the little Miles Kane and his single parented family growing up. He's been inspired by his idols  Liam Gallagher and David Bowie as he grew up listening to their music and forever wishing to be like them up on stage.Miles has always been involved with music as at school he used to play in a band, then his journey expanded to The Little Flames, The Rascals and eventually to where he is now, being the front man. Aw, Miles have a pat on the back!

It's not been an easy album for Miles to make as he wanted it to be different from his previous album "Colour of the Trap" in a positive, satisfactory and surprising way. "Don't forget who you are" has a rocky, poppy edge combining both types to create a unique sound. Even though he's the cover Miles is rather the dark horse as we find out he's been offered to play John Lennon in the film "Nowhere Boy",(Woah Miles, have a double pat on the back!) right now he could be sun bathing by a sparkling swimming pool in Hollywood rather than gigging in the sweaty academy's and bars, but that's just what Miles wants and feels he's living his dream. Through the article we get a sense of his fun personality and his generous side as he takes time to have pictures with fans, say cheese! NME quoted him as the next Liam Gallagher after idolising him for decades, however Miles simply says he's "just Miles Kane", he's the Miles Kane of the century not the Liam Gallagher that has already been.

His previous girlfriend Suki Waterhouse (model) is mentioned and how things so quickly changed as she's now dating the Hollywood movie star Bradley Cooper. The new song "Out of control" was written from Miles's inspiration of Suki and even the song "Give up" from his EP. Does this show us a softer side to Miles? Is there a more caring, deep message in his songs hidden behind the heavy rock sound. This happened at the time of the NME tour which Miles was headlining, as soon as he's living his dream another one was crushed. Why did they have to break up?! They were such a good couple.

We'll definitely hear much more of Miles as he's certain there will be another Last Shadow Puppets album with Alex Turner along with a lot of tours for Don't forget who you are. As soon as Monday comes I'm buying that album! I recommend you should do the same, you'll miss out otherwise.Go on, you know you want to.

~ Don't forget who you are is available Monday 3rd of June

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Company magazine: June edition

Sun was almost radiating off this weeks Company magazine as neon colours, festival outfits and pairs of sunnies were on nearly every page! Summer is finally on its way- lets hope it's not a rainy one. I particularly liked the article on cover girl Demi Lovato as it opened my eyes to a side of her I've never known, hidden by Disney Channel. For once I even attempted to copy a rainbow nail art pattern- I tired, but failed. Turns out a lot of patience is needed. The 1990's style was a key trend inside transporting us back with the bold retro colours and patterned pants.

Putting bold colours and iconic patterns together seemed to be the focal point of Company these past few months and has been followed through with this 90s retro trend.

For the pant a monochrome checked pair of leggings with black Chelsea boots would work best and really bring back the current historical trends like the monochrome of the 60s. To add to that the boots blend into the colour a little so that the bottom half of the outfit doesn't make your eyes pop too much and doesn't have too much colour going on, or taking your eyes off the top half of the outfit. A  pastel or bolder coloured jumper accompanied with a white polo shirt gives a baggy feel adding to the boyish trend yet adds a tint of vintage style too through the polo collar, involving a lace pattern on the collar would add even more to a vintage feel or by placing collar studs on it for a little blind on the collar as well as around your neck. This style aims to have clashing colours rather than clashing patterns so don't go worrying about striking out too much. Who knew the 90s was so inspirational, I'm so glad I'm a nineties baby.