Thursday, August 10, 2017

University final project: All Saints Homeware

My honors projects proved the most intense semester of my time at University. Making and advertising a whole homeware collection for All Saints seemed a great idea at the time but little did I know how stressful and how many different things I'd actually need to do for this project. Creating the patterns, creating the products, visual merchandising, adverts, social media, event ideas and 2 look books to produce all by myself in a 2/3 month schedule made me, to say the least, rushed off my size 5.5 narrow feet. Yes I felt like I couldn't finish it, yes I felt like dropping out of uni and being a sales assistant for the rest of my years, and yes I was completely and utterly a stress head who bit your head off if you even dared to say hi to me.

Was it worth it? 100%. I know I can do anything if I put my whole hearted efforts into it, so here's to the job search. Clink Clink.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

University Project: Vivienne Westwood Homeware

Number one, a big fat hello!!! I'm sorry I've not been posting recently. University third year life struck me hard and blogging was kind of pushed to the side. After a stressful year and a well deserved break in the sun I'm back and giving my blog a new spin. Number two, since I've been away so long here's some of the work I produced in my third year. 

Here's a mini project with the theme of Britishness. I decided to create a homeware collection for Vivienne Westwood inspired by the beautiful British countryside and heritage interiors. This was shown through the use of tartan (a keen favourite of Westwood's) as well as nettles, bees and animal skull motifs (all packed with sting to suit Westwood's punk USP) Products were handmade and photographed for a magazine insert. 

Ps: I graduated and got a 2:1 in Fashion Communication. (Worth the blog break)

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Paris Fashion Week S/S 17


Heads up. Jacquemus certainly made heads turn for this collection as each one of the models showcased the most magnificent and massive headwear probably recorded this Paris Fashion Week. In fact, if there was a sudden gust of wind I'm sure those pieces of headwear would morph into some kind of frisbee. It wasn't only the headgear that was taking it large for s/s 17 as many of the garments involved a heavy upper body shape involving wide shoulders the 80s Diva's would be extremely jealous of. With all this focus on the shaping Jacquemus kept it clean and simple with the colour palette favouring monochrome and other neutral shades. One thing is for sure, you won't be wearing those hats for our British summers with the amount of wind and rain we still receive in the warmer months. Save that accessory for the holidays abroad yes?


As delicate as fairies, models glided down the runway for the Rochas S/S 17 collection looking as innocent as a daisy. The high usage of sheer and voile materials gave the whole collection a very soft and cutesy look, yet the punch of the mustard and emerald colour choices gave the collection a bit of a mix up. Something about this style reminds you instantly of Molly Goddard's collections with her signature use of sheer fabrics that is practically her brand image now, however Rochas took it up a step using bolder colour choices and staying well away from the pastel palettes, even though pastels are a keen favourite for s/s. Preferably I find emerald one of the most forgiving and elegant colours to wear and it honestly deserves more recognition than it doesn't seem to get. #BringBackEmerald

 Ann Demeulemeester

It's very, very tempting to pull one of those lapels gracefully floating against Demeulemeester's garments to actually test if you end up ravelling and twisting out uncontrollably until the whole garment is hanging in a pile at the bottom of your feet. There's that many strings, ribbons and lapels tied, twisted and tightened in this collection that I'm sure it's worthy of the world recored. The rest of the collection stayed very tailored with monochrome colour palettes, white crisp shirts and smart blazers. Although all most definitely taking a back seat with deconstructed styles that makes you wonder how on earth that shirt is still sitting evenly on her shoulders. I don't know how but I want to know immediately. Demeulemeester masterclass anybody?

 Giambattista Valli

We all know the trend for underwear is now becoming outwear with nightdress like garments making their way into the night clubs and even the red carpets. But what if you wore a bra over your shirt? What if you opened all the buttons to reveal whats underneath? Is that going a little too far? Some could say yes, but if mastered correctly this trend could be a real hit next summer. We've already accepted that the Calvin Klein matching set has been acceptable to wear (JUST THE TOP HALF GIRLS) out on the clubs or when it's piping hot in the summertime so isn't this just a more lacey racey version? Matched with lace details on the skirts and sheer materials this collect by Valli is certainly very sexy indeed. Huge knickers are sexy now-deal with it. Fellow Bridget Jones enthusiasts and girls who probably feel she's in some way part of their lifestyle would be applauding in unison at this look.

Veronique Branquinho

Beauty and elegance in one collection sums up Branquiho's s/s 17 collection. Instead of the classic white and black combination of the very British looking school girl vibe this collection took on beige for a very vintage feel. Something about this collection screams class and instantly transports you back to the 1920s with the hand glove accessory details and scraped back hairstyles. The layering of the skirts and dresses have been taken to a whole new level making it school girl with a new twist. Don't get me wrong you don't want to look supper innocent and resemble a complete child so taking a part of this collection such as the shoes and sock combination or the choker tie detail and partnering them up with a more clingy dress to show your curves is the perfect look for the summer. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Milan Fashion Week S/S 17


Prada and Gucci now have similar traits. They both involve the nostalgia and elegance of past fashion, yet mix things up with new shapes and partnering accessories that you just wouldn't dream of putting together yourself. Gucci has always been about colour and expression and by means of this S/S 17 collection the colour is quite honestly bouncing off the walls with several warm shade being paraded down the runway. The colour palette has been a wise and well thought out process as from first look you instantly feel the warmth from the reds and mustards, feel the nostalgia from the burnt out browns and yellows and feel the elegance and grace from the rich emeralds. Matching all this colour with ruffles, ties and embroidered floral appliqué really does make the whole collection scream MY NANNY WOULD LOVE THIS. (That's a great thing, but yes, I understand you don't want to be on borrowing clothes duty with your Nan) Match these garments with contemporary shoes and accessories just to make you realise you've not actually travelled from the past.

 Luisa Beccaria

It's blue, it's indigo, it's lavender. Well, obviously it's got to be Luisa Beccaria. Known for her use of soft blue and purple tones, Beccaria has yet again created a beautiful collection based around this colour palette. There's something about this collection that instantly transports you away to a secluded flower garden on a full blue sky summer's day, with only the slight tickle of a breeze giving the dresses that elegance of movement. The amount of detailing in all the designs is so precise you can tell its taken a lot of hard work to get this collection looking as chic and graceful as it does on the runway. What's even more fun about this collection is the type of dresses she creates are all extremely different. Prefer a low V neck? Or rather a collar fastened right up to the top button? They're all included, so take your pick.


What's that furry purple thing with ears hanging off your bag? Oh this old thing, it's only a cute little keyring I picked up at the side of the till (said 70% of women this year as the whole craze for a fuzzy little pet on the side of your handbag cuddled the nation). Turns out that fuzzy little friend has now made it onto our clothing as well, as Prada created many of their garments to include the feathery texture. To be honest we can't say we didn't see it coming, as the fur and fuzz by popular demand has made it onto many of our footwear choices. Whether that be a pair of laid back trainers or a luxurious pair of court shoe heels, it can suit whatever, wherever. Prada's collection teamed up collared necks with crop tops, layering in new and unique ways that all seems to actually look amazing. Their feathered focus was mainly on the necklines and cuffs of garments as well as huge long scarves to swish and swash down the runway.

 Aquilano. Rimondi

Tailored style has taken a much needed step back this fashion week, as mostly all designers gave tailored style a new and improved laid back approach. Yes, you've got cotton shirts, but who says they need to be fastened to the top? Who says that skirt can't have a slit that goes all the way up to the inner thighs? And who the fuck says you can't wear a crop top with the belt showing on top of your tailored trousers. Yes tailored style is good, especially for the office, but now tailored style has made its way into our every day casual wear it got a little too stiff and formal. This fashion week the designers like Rimondi have given us the graceful reminder that once in a while it's okay to have fun and bring a little more sass and sex to the tailored attire. Personally that crop top partnered with tailored pants is a winner!

Antonio Marras

Try to put yourself in Marras shoes. Picture yourself designing a collection thats got to be the best of the best, the newest of the new and the chicest of the chic. But so many choices of materials? Where do we go from here? Use them all of course! Why make yourself limited to a choice of only a few materials when you can have the best of both worlds and include them all. Obviously this is EXACTLY what Marras was thinking, and probably awarded himself with a well earned drink afterwards. Since the designs have so much material Marras patchwork the pieces to create deconstructed and busy styles giving much needed life and texture to the garments. There's something unique about it that makes it seem so casual yet at the same time structured and polished from the long dresses and coats. I can already see that patchworks denims and blues are going to be a big thing next summer.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

London Fashion Week S/S 17

 Molly Goddard

Molly Goddard has partaken in every single London Fashion Week but never has she yet to run a show, until now. Goddard favoured the presentational side rather than the runway, but has now had a change of heart, stocked up on the dollar and created more of raunchy collection. Whenever I think of Goddard's work, the pretty in pink childlike figure of a model comes to mind swishing around in her signature sheer garments, but for this collection Goddard upped the anti making the dresses much more wild in a whole array of colours, different shapes and even more sheer to reveal underwear so you immediately don't think "little girl" and more sexy puffer dress. Whats so unique about Goddard's designs is that she heats the voiles and sheer fabrics to construct 3D pieces, she also sews with elastic to give the garments bounce and ruffled edges. Goddard had been showcasing ruffled garments for years, way before everyone else, so you could say she's the ruffle trend setter. 

 Christopher Kane

THOSE ARE MY CROCS! Never has a shoe become more hated in the fashion industry than a croc. Bulky, rubbery and very very ugly, this shoe has been burnt, ripped and beaten off the face of the earth and hopefully extinct for good. Hold that thought... Christopher Kane presented a croc on every single model in his collection, and even partnered the half a wellington like shoe with a dress. Some would say he's just used the croc as a stunt to make his seasonal collection grasp even more attention than it already does, yet it's got people thinking, will crocs actually come back into fashion? Fashion through the years has turned pretty ugly in the way we wear things and the type of clothing we're choosing to wear, so who knows if this trend will actually kick off next summer. I would say no, and even put a bet down (because there's just no way I'll be wearing those shoes). As for the rest of the collection it was very deconstructed allowing underwear to show through the cut out sections of the dresses. Who knows, maybe next summer I'll see a girl wearing a pair of crocs with a summer dress- CRIKEY IT'S A CROC!

 Simone Rocha

London Fashion Week is home to a lot of new and upcoming designers and Simone Rocha has been participating now for several years. Rocha's signature style has always been big, bulky and oversized with sweet candy floss colours to contrast the huge shapes. This time she's taken her designs to a deconstructive level (a huge trend that many of the designers seem to have taken for S/S 17) with half coat half dress designs, sound confusing right? They look amazing on, but how on earth do you put those on? I'm sure it would be worthy of some sort of Krypton Factor challenge but it's not going to be impossible. Sheer fabrics and beautiful dark florals (unusual for s/s) made an appearance on many of the garments that had been either snipped, tucked or twisted. Some think it's way too wild for fashionistas to adapt to but this is a whole new start to a future of fashion thats thinking outside the box and morphing dresses and coats and whatever else they can get their hands on together.

 J.W Anderson

Monochrome has always been favoured in J.W Anderson's collections, but isn't monochrome the best two colours you can put together? They scream classic and classy even if the garments aren't the sleekest straightest cut.  Anderson stayed clear of sleek cuts for his collection as many involved asymmetric hems, tucks and layers in the dresses for a laid back and casual approach to the summer dress. It's a well known trait that Anderson is keen to express different components on his collections such as chains, but for this season he focused on zips and corset like tie details exposed to the outside rather than hidden away like their classical purpose. If you're more in favour of the neutral colour palettes then seriously J.W Anderson is the designer you need to have engraved in your memory.


Known for metallic and majestic florals, Erdem always know they have to pull out all the stocks for each collection as every one they show is as good, if not better, than their last. S/S 17 left us feeling particularly blue, not because we were at all disappointed from the collection, quite the opposite. Blue and navy are secretly the go to colours when you're unsure of what colour to wear. Yes, we all know that black is the classic but people seem to forget that navy is actually such a forgiving colour, whatever hair colour or skin colour navy will suit practically anybody and everybody. Erdem favoured blue throughout this collection, especially the shade of cornflower blue which gave a pastel powder haze on the garments. Mixing this colour palette with white and metallic florals and a contrast of black shoulder and neck ties brought a collective feeling of elegance to the garments, particularly with the soft floating hemlines and peplum skirts.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

New York Fashion Week S/S 17


New York Fashion Week is back along with its ritual of classic designers along with new kids on the block and definitely ones to watch out for. One that never fails to bring the grace and glamour to New York Fashion Week is Marchesa. Known for their Hollywood gowns, this collection was based on the colours of the rising and setting sun. Colour palettes ranged from soft and delicate including pastel purples and transparent blues, to bold and dramatic with jet black and dominant navy. Heavy embroidery was a key focus for this collection as well as using the fabrics to create ruffles and creases that made the garments instantly more flowing and graceful. Not many designers can pull off a collection of both delicate designs and darker dramatic gowns, but it's safe to say Marchesa have managed to give the best of both worlds. 


You see that over the shoulder top you've got on repeat in your wardrobe about 5 times? Milly's last collection probably is the reason those summer favourite tops in your wardrobe exist. The craze of off the shoulder necklines all summer has even morphed its way into the autumn months to come by layering them under long sleeve tops or even T shirts. Yet, it looks like this trend is going to last into the next summer as Milly included off the shoulder pieces yet again in her S/S collection. Although this time they come with a new twist (an actual twist of the fabric to be precise) with layering of black and blue materials together that ties all the way down the arms, this collection really is the epitome of style. Simplistic colours let the shapes do the talking and this collection really does let that happen as ties, lapels and straps interlinking one another appeared one after the other on the runway. Milly is one of my favourite designers how she mixes simplicity with new shapes never experimented with before. Keep an eye out next summer for those off the shoulder tops again but with the new and improved twist make over, I'm sure she'll come up with version number 3.


Ruffles, ruffles and more ruffles. It's pretty much all over the magazines that ruffles in fashion are the next BIG thing. Literally MASSIVE, since many of the ruffles are becoming an uncontrollable but tidy mess all over our tops and skirts. At first we braved it with an asymmetric hem, but things have taken a turn to the wilder side by building up those hems with even more movement that is the ruffle. Zimmerman quite obviously used ruffles as a main theme throughout the collection as almost every, if not every, garment had elements of ruffles whether it was on the skirt, cuffs or neckline. Some could say ruffle overload, but what happened to the good ol' phrase the more the merrier? A bell sleeved top and a beautiful ruffled skirt and you'd look perfect.


As more and more designers are becoming more and more experimental with their designs it's obvious that Delpozo clearly favours this way of work. First looks at their collection and you instantly see HUGE shapes that could practically knock you out. With materials used such as scuba the designs look almost futuristic with the wacky shaping which I've got to say I wouldn't mind wearing myself. I mean there's peplum skirts yes, but Delpozo take it to a whole other level. Everything seems to have taken to the bigger side in fashion now. Don't get me wrong garments are still tailored but it's a lot bigger in size, more roomy and of course comfier to wear. Is bigger the better in this case though? Surely that's a personal preference but that's for you to decide.


A collection inspired by bees and their buzzing beehive homes, Rodarte focused very much on the tiny details for S/S 17. At first glance the garments look like a beautiful layering of fabrics, all gently morphing into one another with lace details and dramatic shaping. Take a closer look and you'll find the embroidery is very heavy, the 3D appliqué is packed with punch and even the netting used is in a honey comb shape. With a collection this focused on the tiny details the colour choices stayed simple with monochrome to let the colours come to life through different textures and techniques. Black lace has always been a sexy look in my book and this look for Rodarte really ups their game, especially with the choker necklines and cut out sections of flesh. We're all pretty buzzed up on this collection.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Winter Prep in September? You can never be too early

Now that the summer months are unfortunately coming to an end one thing we've got to look forward to is the festive season. Yes, of course that means wind, rain and the occasional thunderstorms (It's Britain after all) but doesn't that thought of the dark evenings by 3 O'clock, the matching pair of gloves and hats and the warm fuzzy feeling you get knowing Christmas is just around the corner make it all worth it?

Now that Halloween is only a few weeks away it's a definite that the Christmas panic will set in. The shops will have Michael Bubble on repeat and all the gifting will start piling up in all stores like an obstacle race. Gifting is obviously the most important and hectic list you'll be making these next few months (if not already) but what about the list to achieve the cosiness and warmth of a festive decorated room? I'm already hugely into my interior design so whenever christmas comes along it's certainly time to experiment more than anything else. No other time of year is it more acceptable to hang fairy lights left, right and centre for the most beautiful looking Christmas interiors.

Over the last few years interior design has taken a step into the natural elements. The materials we have often taken for granted are now taking the limelight in all interiors right now. Think marbles, woods and even fibres like rope. This winter is all about the dark colour palettes of natural woods mixed with uplighting tones of whites and rose golds in the accessories. For inspiration look up lodges and log cabins for the perfect take on dark woods and those oh so festive log fire places. Remember those bins you would use to hide the wood at the side of the fire? Well no longer, as chopped firewood stacked at the side of your fireplace has never looked more cool. You might think all this dark wood mixed with white could feel a little chilly? Problem solution: line the room with animal like fake fur rugs, cosy blankets draped over statement chairs and blaze the room with candles in geometric holders for a modern edgy feel.

You're sorted. The rooms are perfect. There's nothing out there to stop you from having the most beautiful Christmas interiors ever seen. Or is that all too good to be true? Of course it is. SAY HELLO TO THE MOST UNWELCOME VISITOR FOR THE FESTIVE SEASON THAT IS THE CHRISTMAS CARD. Let's face it, we hate slaving away to write them and when we do receive them we find ourselves on edge as to where to display them without making the room look horribly tatty and a total nightmare!

For the best Christmas cards that people would actually want to display in their homes look at Paperless Post. Hand on heart there is a Christmas card here to suit every home whether it be colourful and retro, to simple and clean. Their new Christmas collection is out on the website now so why not take a look and pick your favourites before someone else does? It makes much more sense to buy a card someone would actually feel privileged to place on their mantlepiece rather than counting down the days until it can be flung into the recycle bin. Beautiful cards tell a story, tell your personality and tell someone how much you care. You'll find if you follow this rule your card most definitely won't end up in the recycle bin, but treasured in a draw to discover on a later date.